Crushing Blast is a special move used by Dashan Wang and his Rock Zurafa R145WB.


Dashan uses Crushing Blast to attack an opponent with Zurafa's beast. Zurafa's beast breathes fire upon the opponent dealing serious damage and afterwards Rock Zurafa is covered in a ring of flames for added damage for any following attacks.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Dashan used this attack totally 4 times in metal masters and 2 times in metal fury. He used it first time in his battle with Gingka causing him some damage but it later lost to Star Booster Attack. Dashan would later use this attack to defeat his opponent in the Wild Card tournament. He was also seen using it in The Fallen Emperor to beat Julian Konzern. In metal fury he used it twice in his tag team battle with Chi-yun against Gingka and Yuki. First time he caused multiple trouble to Pegasus that forced Gingka to use Final Drive Mode. Gingka created a new special move, Cosmic Tornado, that beat both Crushing Blast and Piercing Brink Strike.



  • Crushing Blast is also a name of one of the Hasbro Metal Masters 2-Packs, which comes with Rock Zurafa R145WB and Torch Gemios W105CS.
  • This is the only Special Move of Dashan's has that doesn't start with the letter S.
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