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These grips were released for the plastic generation and were first released in V-Force but appeared prominently in G-Revolution with 4 main characters all using them.


This is the first grip to allow attachments. These were all released separately from the grips enabling you to customize them how you wished.


  • Dark Blue (Takara A-43)
  • Gunmetal (Takara A-91)
  • Sky Blue Ray Version (Takara A-97
  • Dark Green Max Version (Takara A-105)
  • Black Kai Version (Takara A-60)
  • White Tyson Version (Takara A-90)

Hasbro also released this in the two different forms:

Dragoon Grip blue (different blue than the two Takara versions however)with light blue grips (much lighter than the ones Takara released)and a metal trigger attachment.

Dranzer Grip in red with yellow grips and a spring launcher attachment.

Breakage Issues

With the grip the bit where you enter the ripcore gradually wears out meaning they usually need to be replaced. This is bad considering the rarity of them especially some more than others. This causes more of a problem with left spin launchers than right. A spring launcher attachment can help prevent damage and need for replacement and is recommended.


As stated above the four main character used those versions in G-Revolutions only. Other characters did use some with Zeo using a purple version with his Burning Kerberous but this version wasn't released.