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Cyber Dragoon is a Balance Type Beyblade and was Kane's Beyblade. It is the "Cyber" counterpart of Dragoon.

Bit-Chip (BC): Cyber Dragoon

The chip depicts Cyber Dragoon.

Attack Ring (AR): Cybernetic Dragon

Cybernetic Dragon has eight large spikes with four "back spikes" behind four of the large spikes. Four of the spikes have text reading, "CYBER". It is blue with red, yellow, and silver highlights.

Attack: 3 - Defense: 2 - Endurance: 1

Weight Disk (WD): Ten Wide

Main article: Weight Disk - Ten Wide
  • Weight: 14 Grams

Ten Wide is the next in the series of Wide Weight Disks following Dragoon S' Eight Wide, now with two additional sides. As a result, it is both the widest and heaviest of them.

Spin Gear (SG): Right SG (MG Jumping Version)

  • Weight: 6 grams

This Spin Gear features a spring-loaded tip that sharply extends when the Blade Base is struck in battle, making the Beyblade jump. It also has a defensive ring around it designed to counter lower-height Beyblades. Otherwise, it serves the same purpose as the original Right SG Jumping Version used by Trygle.

Blade Base (BB): SG Jumping Base 2

SG Jumping Base 2 is the successor to Trygle's SG Jumping Base, and much like that Blade Base, along with the Spin Gear, is only meant for novelty purposes. It is also one of the more compact Blade Bases, smaller in diameter than even the basic SG Flat, Sharp, and Semi-Flat bases.

Attack: 3 - Defense: 1 - Endurance: 1

Other Versions

  • Cyber Dragoon Battle Spec - Re-color using the SG Wing Base.
  • Cyber Dragoon Pearl Ver. - Pearlescent white re-color.


  • Cyber Dragoon is the only one of the Cyber Beyblades released in the toyline.
  • This beyblade is essentially an overall improvement of Trygle. It is more secure and its wider base makes it unlikely to jump erratically and improves the chance of it crushing a beyblade from above. Also, its magnet base increases its versatility. However, this beyblade is still weak to the same flaws: it is easily knocked out by high speed beyblades, and can scrape the sides of a beystadium if the stadium is too concave. There is also the unlikely (but possible) chance that it faces off against Magnacore beyblades that are attractive in nature (such as Flash Leopard 2) that turn its magnet based stadium applications against it by out-enduring it in a remote spot. Overall, it is an improvement, but it gets outclassed by the Engine Gear series.
  • Cyber Dragoon was selected as one of 15 finalists in a poll held from August 7 to August 13, 2023 to select the next Beys for the X Series X-Over Project.