The Cyclone Beystadium.

The Cyclone Beystadium is a Beystadium exclusively included in the Samurai Cyclone Battle Set. It is quite similar to the Zero-G Stadiums; particularly to the Zero-G Balance Type Stadium but does hold many differences.

The Samurai Cyclone Battle Set was released in fall 2013 in international markets worldwide.


The Cyclone Beystadium is part of Hasbro's Beyblade: Shogun Steel toyline. As such, it is intended to harbor the same gimmick that the Zero-G Stadiums hold (swaying Beystadiums); the main idea behind the Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G toyline.

Appearance-wise, the Cyclone Beystadium shares some attributes with the Zero-G Balance Type Stadium. While it definitely retains the general shape of it, there are quite a few differences. For instance, the Cyclone Beystadium is much wider, uses four pins instead of three and is essentially round on all sides excluding pockets. It uses a semi-translucent yellow hue with purple graffiti-like designs in the centre that bear the Face Bolt motifs of Samurai Ifrit W145CF and Ninja Salamander SW145SD; as they are included with the Stadium. The most major difference however, is how the original pockets of the Zero-G Balance Type Stadium featured cut-out holes in order for Beyblades to be pushed in, resulting in a knock-out. Hasbro has however covered these pockets which ultimately provides no, possible way for Beys to be knocked out of the Stadium at any cost. Instead, this forms "penalty pockets" which are quite similar to what Hasbro has used for its previous geometry of Beystadiums.

Due to Hasbro's decision to create the Beystadium round (removing the straight side opposite of the pockets), it creates a minimal loss in what the Cyclone Beystadium intends to create: constant swaying and rapid movement of the Stadium; whereas Hasbro refers to it as "the Stadium that battles back" and ultimately, unbalance. Despite this, the gimmick still remains in some shape and is significant enough to emulate the Zero-G Stadiums.


  • This stadium can be viewed as the Zero-G Stamina Stadium because it allows Stamina-Types to stay in the stadium with a near-improbable chance of being thrown out of the stadium, thus allowing Stamina-Types to use their full strength.
  • Technically one could modify the penalty pockets to have holes in them just by cutting the bottom of the pocket off, it could also improve the balance of the stadium as there would less plastic on the side were the pockets are resulting in less weight and more spinning of the stadium.
  • Sometimes, if an attack type with a good warrior wheel can land a smash attack, it can cause a stadium out to a beyblade with low stamina.
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