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Cyclone Valtryek V7 Aquilon-Q Yielding-Q+Defense-10 is a Stamina and Defense Type Beyblade that is a part of the Burst System as well as the QuadDrive System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Galaxy Orbit Battle Set in the United States.

Drive Chip - Valtryek V7

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Hasbro's Valtryek V7 is a right-spin Drive Chip that features an armored face, akin to its predecessors in the Valtryek line. The design is intended to represent the Drive Chip's namesake, Odin's handmaidens in Norse mythology. Valtryek V7 has a standard weight for Drive Chips, and features high Burst Resistance. As such, Valtryek V7 outclasses most other right-spin Drive Chips. However, its Burst Resistance is not comparable to GT Chips released in the HyperSphere System, which have higher Burst Resistance. The issue of low Burst Resistance is compounded by the light weight of QuadDrive System Layers, making them even easier to Burst than usual.

Blade - Cyclone

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Gravity Ring - 10

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Hasbro's 10 is a Gravity Ring based on Takara Tomy's 10 Armor. As such it retains the same general shape as 10, with triangular shapes at ten points. Unlike its Takara Tomy counterpart however, it is made of plastic instead of metal, and as such its weight has been reduced. In theory, 10 is stable due to an even weight distribution at ten points. In practice however, since all Gravity Rings are plastic instead of metal like Takara Tomy's Armors, they are all around the same weight and offer no differences in performance, with the main difference between them being only aesthetic. As any differences in the weight distribution of a Combination are negligible, it is difficult to suggest using a particular Gravity Ring over another. Furthermore, most QuadDrive System Layers are lightweight and thus outclassed by heavier Layers.

Forge Disc - Aquilon-Q

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Aquilon-Q is a round, four-sided QD Disc, with protrusions on two sides.

Performance Tip - Yielding-Q

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Yielding-Q is a Stamina Type Performance Tip and Hasbro's QuadDrive counterpart to Yielding. Like its normal counterpart, Yielding-Q features a cone shaped sharp tip and thus similar Stamina performance. Like other QuadDrive Performance Tips, Yielding-Q lacks the gimmicks of its normal counterpart; the PolyOxyMethylene (POM) thermoplastic found on Yielding has been replaced with regular plastic. Like Yielding, Yielding-Q suffers from stablity issues due to the angle of the tip having a high risk of floor scrapes. As Yielding-Q lacks the POM of its normal counterpart, it does not have the same high Burst Resistance.

Yielding-Q features a modified shape and two attachment points to accommodate the use of an Armor Tip. Like all QuadDrive Performance Tips, an Armor Tip can be attached to Yielding-Q, switching it to "Plus Mode". In this mode, Yielding-Q is essentially replaced by the Armor Tip, and the height becomes similar to a SpeedStorm Performance Tip.

Armor Tip - Defense

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