Daina Kurogami (黒神ダイナ, Kurogami Daina) is an antagonist in the manga series, Beyblade Burst. His Beyblade is Deathscyther Oval Accel.


Daina has a spiky black hair.

He wears a bandana over his forehead which is accessorized with skulls and beads. Overall, his rugged appearance is a contrast to his more refined-looking partner, Wakiya.


Daina is a character that appears to reek of death and destruction. As described by Wakiya Murasaki, Daina deals with things dirtily.

In the third chapter, Daina pretended to be a fan of Valt in order for him to inflict his curse upon Valtryek. He did this in order to guarantee himself a victory as his egotism disallows him to lose a battle.



Beyblade Burst


Beyblade Burst (manga)
Opponent Chapter Result
Valt Aoi 03 Draw (x12)
Valt Aoi 03 Lose


  • Wakiya Murasaki - Daina's constant companion. Wakiya is well aware of Daina's ominous tactics, suggesting that they had been together for quite a long time.





  • Daina, like other characters in the Burst cast, shares some similarities with his Beyblade, Deathscyther Oval Accel:
    • Daina is a name of Greek origin. It means "Power" while his family name Kurogami means Black God and altogether, his name means "Power of the Black God."
  • In the Superking manga, it was revealed that Daigo's S-tier blader rank is number 14, making him ranked 14th in the world.

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