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Damian Hart (ダミアン·ハート, Damian Hāto) is the main antagonist for the Big Bang Bladers Arc of Metal Fight Beyblade manga series. He is the leader of Team America and a member of Hades Inc. where he was manipulated by them to become a sadistic and strong blader who only cares about winning.

He fights with his bey, Hades Kerbecs BD145DS which can steal the souls of the innocent bladers in order to boost its strength.


Damian is a short, slim built boy with distinctive facial features that change with each emotion. He has hair that minorly spikes up at the top and the sides, with a designed in the middle shaped like a "v".

He wears a small choker that resembles a collar around his neck and wears armor on his upper body, held up by his shoulders and reaches down to under his pectorals, it is connected to his cape which hands behind him. Damian also wears a sleeveless full body suit that tucks into his boots. To finish Damian wears wrist gauntlets that match his armor and partially cover his fingerless gloves.


Damian was originally manipulated by Hades into being a merciless and hateful person who's only goal would be to win. He had no remorse for causing pain and even enjoyed other people's suffering while doing whatever it took to win. But after being defeated by Ginga he is grateful to be freed and even befriends Ginga.


Big Bang Bladers[]

Damian Hart made his debut in Chapter 28 of the Metal Fight Beyblade manga with Zeo Abyss where they were seen observing Team Brazil's match against Team Japan from afar with Doji and Faust. He and Zeo would then crash the party held in America to celebrate Team Japan's ticket to the finals of the tournament. Unknowingly to the guests that were invited, it was a trap planned by Doji and Faust for Damian's Kerbecs to maximize its potential by claiming their souls. Damian eventually battles all of them which led them into a coma as he beats them with ease, even tough bladers such as Julius and Kyouya. After absorbing Masamune's soul, Damian succeeds in maximizing Kerbecs' potential, becoming "The Bey of Hell".

During his match against Ginga in the finals of the Big Bang Bladers, he destroyed the entire arena under Faust' order and unleashed his special move, Burst Inferno on Ginga after toying with him, destroying Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F in the process. To his surprise, Ginga eventually reawakes after his friends gave him their souls to continue the battle to stop both Damian and Hades Inc. from conquering the world. Not only that, Ginga also received his new Pegasis through his friends, Cosmic Pegasus F:D which overpowers Kerbecs. Ginga eventually beats Damian and tells him that he can be stronger even without the arrangement he had received through Hades Inc.. This made Damian realize his mistakes and released the souls that have been claimed by Kerbecs. His personality also shifted from cruel and sadistic to kind and warm-hearted blader after befriending with Ginga.


Hell Kerbecs BD145DS: Damian's Primary Beyblade; a powerful Stamina type Beyblade with incredible attack power and endurance. It was created by Faust of Hades Inc and given to Damian to harness its incredible powers.


Big Bang Bladers
Opponent Chapter Outcome
Julius Caesar 26 Win
All of Ginga's Friends 26 Win
Ginga Hagane 26 No Outcome
Masamune Kadoya 26 Win
Ginga Hagane 28-29-30 Lose