Daniel (シンゴ Shingo) is a character in Beyblade: The Movie - Fierce Battle and is one of the Shadow Bladers. He was possessed by Dark Driger.


Henry is a kid on vacation with Professor Tengai. He accidentally breaks Dark Driger's seal and gets possessed by him.

He later attacks Daichi along with the other Shadow Bladers to get the power of the Golden Dragoon. When Tyson comes to rescue Daichi, Henry along with the others battle him and seal his bit-beast.

He is next seen when he joins the others in battle with Kai. The four shadow bladers are about to seal Dranzer when they are interrupted by Tyson, Ray and Max. In the battle that follows, he and Daniel are the only ones who survive the first collision of special moves. He then battles against Tyson and Daichi and ends up losing.

After the loss, he returns to normal and had no Memories of the event that happen.