Dark-Flux, also known as Dark Turbo (ダークターボ Dāku Tābo) in Japan, is an ability introduced in Beyblade Burst Rise. It is the corrupt counterpart of Hyper-Flux. It occurs when a Blader achieves a dark synchronization with their Beyblade, allowing the Bey to reach an even greater level of power temporarily while also allowing it to consume the opposing Beyblade's Hyper-Flux.


Similar to Hyper-Flux, the Bey turns a new color when it and its Blader are in complete synchronization. However, because the unity is corrupted, the Beyblade turns black and crimson with emits magenta/black sparks instead of golden sparkles.



  • The fact that Dark-Flux absorbs its opponents' Hyper-Flux may be a reference to how black absorbs all colors of visible light.
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