The Dark Nebula (暗黒星雲 Dākunebyura) is an organization featured in the Metal Saga, consisting of Beyblade: Metal Fusion. They are Special (Global)'s representational team.


It is an organization that is bent on unleashing the power of the forbidden Bey Lightning L-Drago over the world. It is controlled by Doji. The Dark Nebula organization was dissolved after Ryuga used the power of L-Drago to kill Doji, and Gingka defeated Ryuga at the Battle Bladers finals. In Metal Fury, it is revealed that gaining the power of the forbidden bey, along the Spiral force from Hades Inc., was all part of their master plan: reviving the God of Destruction, Nemesis.

After being beaten by Gingka and fighting off the dark power, Ryuga decides to compete in the World Championships to test his new bey on Gingka.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Dr. Ziggurat
Spiral Capricorn 90MF Leader Killed
Dark Wolf DF145FS Leader Killed
Lightning L-Drago 100HF New Leader Retired
Dark Nebula Bladers
Screenshot 20200602-150043 YouTube
Generic Beyblades Members Retired
Yu Tendo
Flame Libra T125ES Member Defected; Joined to Gingka's gang
Tsubasa Otori
Earth Eagle 145WD Member/Undercover for the WBBA Returned to the WBBA; Joined to Gingka's gang
Reiki Sodo & Dan Sodo
545px-Dan and Reiki Soudou
Evil Gemios DF145FS
Heat Gemios 145SF
Member Quit
Kumasuke Kumade & Kumata Kumade & Kumaji Kumade
Kumade Brothers
Rock Orso D125B Member Quit
Reiji Mizuchi
Reiji Mizuchi
Poison Serpent SW145SD Member Unkown
Tetsuya Watarigani
Tetsuya Watarigani
Dark Gasher CH120FS Member Quit
Ryutaro Fukami
Ryuutarou Fukami
Thermal Pisces T125ES Member Quit
Tobio Oike
Tobio Ooike
Storm Capricorn M145Q Member Quit
Rock Scorpio T125JB Member (Manga Only) Inactive
None Member Inactive


The Dark Nebula was a mjaor threat to Ginkas team they first appear in Kooma Village stealling the forbiden bey Lighting L drago and injurying Gingkas dad.

Beyblade: Metal Masters


Event Result
Survival Battle Win (Yu Tendo)
Battle Bladers Runner-Up (Ryuga)
Beyblade World Championships (Metal Masters) 2nd Runner-Up



  • Ryutaro and Tobio Oike were requested to join and Busujima is a member only in the manga series.
  • Yu Tendo joined Dark Nebula for fun battles and for respecting Ryuga.
  • Tsubasa Otori became a part of Dark Nebula as part of an undercover mission for Dark Nebula's enemy, the WBBA.
  • It is similar to BIOVOLT of the original series and the BEGA organization of G-Revolution.


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