Dark Poseidon is a Beyblade that appeared in the, Metal Fight Beyblade VS the Sun: Sol Blaze, the Scorching-hot Invader movie. It was used by its owner, Bakin, to unlock Sol Blaze V145AS for his grandson Helios, in a failed attempt to control the world. It was never actually released by Takara Tomy or Hasbro but a sticker sheet was released with an issue of Coro Coro.

Face Bolt - Poseidon

The Face Bolt depicts "Poseidon". In Greek mythology, Poseidon was one of the twelve Olympians, being the God of the Sea, Horses and the "Earth-Shaker" of earthquakes. He was also the brother of Greek Gods, Zeus and Hades. The design is of Poseidon's face in a side-view looking to the left with various trident-like protrusions at the back of his head, fitting as how Poseidon was usually seen carrying a trident. Poseidon's face is a dark blue with a lighter blue hue along with various pink designs around his face. It appears on a blue Face Bolt.

Energy Ring - Aquario

Clearwheel aquario.jpg

Main article: Energy Ring - Aquario
Aquario is a circular Energy Ring featuring a wave pattern that repeats itself four times. It is one of the heaviest Energy Rings available, only behind Kerbecs and Striker II, making it one of the best choices for Hybrid Wheel System/4D System Defense Type combinations.

Fusion Wheel - Dark


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Dark has twelve spikes facing the clockwise direction. These protrusions are closely packed together with minimal space between each, resulting in an overall round shape. This shape hinders the Fusion Wheel in two ways: its protrusions are not pronounced enough to provide sufficient Smash Attack, while the perimeter is interrupted too frequently for sufficient Stamina. Additionally, its weight is distributed over too large a surface area. There is thus no reason to use Dark in any competitive situation whatsoever.

Spin Track - 145

Track 145 img2.jpg

Main article: Spin Track - 145
145, along with its variants (Claw 145 (C145), Down Force 145 (DF145), etc.), was once the highest Spin Track available, until the 230 Spin Track was released with Flame Byxis 230WD. 145 can be used in Stamina Type combinations to great effect due to its tall height, which allows for more wobbling as the Beyblade loses its spin velocity. However, gimmick-paired Spin Tracks such as Boost Disk 145 (BD145) have immensely outclassed their original basic variant, as have several taller gimmick Spin Tracks, especially against heavy, mid-height Attack customisations. Even in stamina battles, 145 does not offer enough balance: Spin Tracks such as Armor Defense 145 (AD145) and Wide Defense 145 (WD145) provide a good center of gravity, and aid with a slight downforce to maintain stability.

Performance Tip - Wide Defense

Bottom wd img1.jpg

Main article: Performance Tip - Wide Defense
Wide Defense (WD), as its name implies, is the widest (along with Wave Wide Defense (W2D) and Eternal Wide Defense (EWD)) of the "Defense" series of Performance Tips (D, SD, WD, W2D, EWD and PD). The wide surface area prevents the Beyblade from being knocked over easily. In addition, Wide Defense is able to wobble at a larger angle and for a longer period of time than Defense. However, low spin rate is created towards the end of a battle because in the process of wobbling at such a large angle, more friction is made with the stadium floor, thus decreasing its stamina. Although its name suggests defensive characteristics, Wide Defense does not possess any inherent defensive qualities. Wide Defense finds most use in providing increased stamina in combos.



  • Poseidon was the God of the Seas, Horses, and Earthquakes.
    • In Roman mythology, Poseidon was known by his equivalent, Neptune.
  • The Poseidon Energy Ring is just a darker variant of the Aquario Energy Ring.
    • Due to Dark Poseidon's Energy Ring being Aquario's energy ring, it should actually be Dark Aquario 145WD. Due to this, its name comes from its face bolt instead of its Energy Ring.It is one of the few Beyblades to be named in this way.
  • This is the second Beyblade to be named after the God Poseidon. The first is Poseidon from Beyblade: G-Revolution.
  • This is the second time 145WD was released in a black color, the first being Earth Eagle 145WD.
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