Dark Wolf DF145FS
Face Bolt: Wolf
DarkWolf face bolt
Energy Ring: Wolf
Fusion Wheel: Dark
Spin Track: Down Force 145 (DF145)
Performance Tip: Flat Sharp (FS)
Flat Sharp

Dark Wolf DF145FS
Beyblade Details
Type Balance
Release Dates & Price
Country Release Date Price
JapanFlag Japan March 28, 2009 {{{japprice}}}
UnitedStatesFlag United States August 2010 $9.99
International Names
Language Name
JapanFlag Japanese (Kanji) ダークウルフDF145FS
JapanFlag Japanese (Romaji) Dāku Urufu DF145FS
UnitedStatesFlag English Dark Wolf DF145FS
Product Codes
Manufacturer Product Code
Takara Tomy BB-29
Hasbro BB-29

Dark Wolf DF145FS
Anime & Manga Information
Owner Doji
Anime Debut The Wolf's Ambition
Manga Debut N/A

Dark Wolf DF145FS
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  • If you used DF145 with left spinning Bey, the effects will push the Air upwards.
  • Dark Wolf is the 3rd Beyblade that has 2 recolored versions of itself after Storm Pegasus 105RF, and Lightning L Drago 100HF.
  • Oddly, the Wolf ring is commonly used for generic Beys or minor Beys like Burn Wolf.
  • The DF145FS combo is also used in Evil Gemios.
  • Benkei refers to Dark Wolf as "The Ultimate Balance Type" in Metal Fusion, which in real life is the total opposite.
    • However, prior to Metal Masters and Metal Fury, Dark Wolf was considered a powerful Balance type Beyblade. 
    • The title as "The Ultimate Balance Type" most likely belongs to Diablo Nemesis instead, as it is considered one of the strongest Beyblades in the Metal Saga, both in the anime and in real life.
    • It has this title in the anime because it's said to have equal levels of Attack, Defense, and Stamina, but this isn't true either as if add up Wolf's total statistics, it comes up to 9 Attack (Possibly 10 Attack if the opposing bey gets hit by the wings on DF145, which is Extremely unlikely), 7 Defense, and 9 Stamina, the stats aren't equal.
  • Dark Wolf is the 1st Balance type Bey in Hybrid Wheel System.
  • In Beyblade: Metal Masters, Anton uses a Bey very similar to this which is Evil Wolf DF145FS.
  • All the HD Bladers sent to capture Ryuga in Metal Masters all had generic Dark Wolves.
  • Strangely, in the Takara Tomy box, its shown Dark Wolf with Dark Metal Wheel having a desing like that of Mad Light Wheel.
  • The DF145 track is too small to actually have a effect on the air around it.
  • If attacked from below very hard, a wing of DF145 may break.
  • Every single part of this bey is outclassed: Wolf by Bull, Dark by Earth and Twisted, DF145 by S130, and FS by W²D and FB.
  • In the Takara Tomy box, Doji is shown with a brown suit, instead of a blue suit.
  • Dark Wolf had a decent stamina at the beginning of the Hybrid Wheel System, spinning for 2 minutes and a half.

Dark Wolf DF145FS

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Dark Wolf DF145FS

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Dark Wolf DF145FS
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