Dashan Wang
Dashan Wang
Biographical information
Aliases Da Xiang Wang
Gender Male
Current Beyblade(s) Rock Zurafa R145WB
Friends Chi-yun Li, Mei-Mei, Chao Xin, Kenta Yumiya & Gingka Hagane
Rivals Gingka Hagane and Julian Konzern
Enemies Johannes
Occupation(s) Leader of Team Wang Hu Zhong
Behind the scenes
First anime appearance The Beylin Temple in the Sky
Seiyū 王 大翔
English voice actor Dan Petronijevic

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Dashan Wang (王 大翔, Wang Da Xiang) is a recurring character that appears in the Metal Saga, making his debut in Beyblade: Metal Masters.

He was the leader of the Chinese representatives in the Beyblade World Championships, Team Wang Hu Zhong. He is described as a strong and calm beyblader with an intense spirit when combined with his beyblade; Rock Zurafa R145WB.

Dashan is a Chinese native, while mystical and swift he is a Blader of great determination who cares not only for his battles, but more importantly his friends, his team mates and followers at Beylin. Along with his team Dashan competed in the Beyblade World Championships, and despite their loss to Team Gan Gan Galaxy, Team Wang Hu Zhong were still happy that they had the opportunity to compete. Because of it Dashan would never forget a major friend and ally; Gingka Hagane.

Physical Appearance

Dashan is a tall, muscular, tan skinned male with long dark hair with yellow highlights on the side. He has large, green eyes that are normally fixed on whatever obsticle stands in his way. His build is slim and compact with an evident musculature that most likely comes from his martial arts training.

Over a red, white lined shirt, that his high collard is a high collared, Dashan wears white sleeveless coat with yellow fur trim, a pair of loose white pants end just above his ankles. On his arms is a pair of black, red and yellow fingerless gloves that come up to his elbows and two piercings on his left ear. A pair of dark blue and gray Chinese martial shoes complete Dashan's clothing.


Dashan is a very proud, loyal and respectable person. Dashan is very kind in the fact that he is very giving to those around him, sharing his knowledge to help those around him better themselves. He displays friendship to all he meets but has a special place in his heart for his close friends and teammates.

Though Dashan can be very harsh, it is only to help someone, as he scolds Chao Xin to change his ways for the better and defeated Julian in order to make sure he stayed on the right path. Above all Dashan is very proud of his heritage and all the hard work thats gotten him to where he is, he will do anything to protect the honor of the Beylin Temple and Beyblade itself.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

China's Finest

Dashan Wang was born and raised in the Beylin Temple, having trained for most his life from childhood he has become China's best beyblader. He now leads the Beylin Temple and China's Team in the World championships; Big Bang Bladers. His team is set to face Japan's in the first round, during his training he is met by Mei-Mei and Chi-yun who introduce him to the team.

Dashan Debut

The pride of the Beylin Temple, in one man; Dashan Wang

Dashan decides to take this chance to learn as much about Gingka Hagane; the famous champion of Battle Bladers and the leader of Japan's Team. He allows he and his partener Masamune to undergo several training exercises, Dashan only using this to test Gingka's skills and brown nose him.

Dashan's efforts are successful as his complements to Gingka allow for Dashan to sucessfully challenge him to a match. During most of the battle he just takes intel on Gingka's attack abilities, but after long he pressuers Gingka into using his special move; Starbooster Attack. Before Dashan is able to see its destructive power, Masamune see's through his plan and launches his bey to stop the match.

Having been discovered, Dashan recalls his bey and bids Japan's team GanGan Galaxy good luck in China. During GanGan Galaxy's exploration of China, Masamune discovers Wang Hu Zhong's third member; Chao Xin. Masamune challenges him but he refuses, to Dashan's disliking to where he forces Chao Xin to battle Masamune.

Dashan scolds Chao Xin

Dashan pressures Chao Xin to uphold Beylin's honor

During their match Dashan puts the pressure on Chao Xin, who is able to win. But even in victory Dashan feels that Chao Xin got lucky and it was not good enough.

Soon after, the first round began and Chao Xin was decided to be in the first match with Masamune, who had been training nonstop. Dashan is surprised to see that his skills have improved, providing a challenge to Chao Xin during their match. In the end Dashan views Chao Xin's defeat but his happy to see that Chao Xin has finally learned from it and now his team does not have to fret Victory.

Instead Dashan encourages Chi-yun to do well against Tsubasa, who he is eager to battle anyway. Chi-yun promises not to lose and goes into battle. Dashan is somewhat disspointed at how Chi-yun takes the battle, using several taunts to enrage Tsubasa and eventually causes Tsubasa to bring out a strange dark power that self destructs himself, handing Wang Hu Zhong to win.

Responsibility of Beylin Temple

With one win and one loss, Dashan heads into battle to face Gingka but before, he for warns Gingka about how his drive to win is far superior to Gingka's and how he has much more riding on his shoulders. Gingka is somewhat discouraged by Dashan's words but still goes into battle.

Gingka vs Dashan 2

Dashan battles against Japan's finest; Gingka Hagane

During the opening clashes of the match, Dashan gains an early lead using his Rock Zurafa's amazing rubber wings to take in all of Gingka's attacks. Gingka decides to try something different, using his special move and finnaly allowing Dashan to view his attack. Impressed for the most part, Dashan is still easily able to counter with his own special move and believes firmly that Rock Zurafa cannot lose to Pegasus power.

Confident that he can overpower Gingka, Dashan decides to go on the attack and puts Gingka and his Pegasus under extreme pressure. The crowd starts to make Gingka question himself when the chant Wang Hu Zhong, while Dashan takes in the moment. Gingka figures in an attack battle that he can win and begins to turn the match around until Dashan decides to use his most famous move, confident that Pegasus will never break The Solid Iron Wall!

Gingka vs Dashan

Dashan battles his hardest for his temple and his team

Planning to simply outlast Gingka, Dashan's Zurafa is completley protected, having the advantage in stamina and the strength to repel Pegasus with the Solid Iron wall. In desperation, Gingka continues to attack with no chance of breaking Dashan's defencive Stance.

Even as Gingka continues to try, Dashan simply explains how the Solid Iron Wall cannot be broken by Gingka's strength as like he said before, his drive is not nearly enough to face 4000 Years of tradition. Getting cocky, Dashan decides to try and end the battle with an attack but Gingka finds his own drive, all the beybladers he left in Japan are behind him and helping him to counterattack!

Gingka begins to counter attack, able to push back Zurafa's special move and break through it's defence. Dashan challenges Gingka's drive to take on his own and battles back to protect Beylin Temple's honor. Dashan is able to send Gingka's Pegasus flying but Gingka decides to make on final effort with his starbooster attack. Refusing to lose, Dashan prepares to counter with own special move; Crushing Blast. But Gingka's drive is able to overcome Dashan's overbearing confidence in his temple and breaks through Dashan and his Zurafa, winning the match for GanGan Galaxy.

Dashan feels that he is delt a crushing defeat, having failed his temple and his Team by losing. But he is the only one to feel this way and is soon reassured by Chao Xin to build a new legacy and weigh it all on him and his friends. This allows Dashan to cheer up and congratulate Team Gan Gan Galaxy, igniting he and Gingka's friendship. After the match, the team begins new training and even Chao Xin participates by joining Beylin Temple. Dashan decides to see Team GanGan Galaxy off at the airport in order to encourage Gingka and his team not to lose.

Supporting a New Legacy

In the third round of Big Bang Bladers, several Team are ellidgable to compete for a Wild Card Spot in the consolation tournament. This Wild Card spot will allow the team to reenter Big Bang Bladers.

Dashan challenges Gingka

Dashan leads his team in the Consolation Tournament

Dashan and his team jump at the chance and join the consolation Tournament. They win several matches and during a broadcast, Dashan openly challenges Gingka, telling him that his team will be victorious.

After hearing about the Festival of Warriors in Europe, Team Wang Hu Zhong travel to spain to meet with GanGan Galaxy who were defeated by the European Team, Excalibur in an unofficial team matchup.

Surprised by the arrival of their old foes turned new friends, GanGan Galaxy are vigourously trained by Dashan in the art of Team work. At the end of their training, once again Dashan and his team challenge them to a battle.

Dashan trains GanGan Galaxy

Dashan trains GanGan Galaxy in the ways of Team Work

They decide on two tag team matchups where Mei-Mei and Chi-yun face Tsubasa and Yu while Dashan and Chao Xin face Gingka and Masamune. Dashan and Chao Xin show the fruits of their labor, able to easily outclass Gingka and Masamune in teamwork. But thanks to Dashan's training, Team Wang Hu Zhong is able to come through in the end and end the matches in a tie.

After sucessfully helping their friends, Wang Hu Zhong continues to battle for the Wild Card Spot. They sucessfully do so after overcoming teams such as Arab's Team Desert Blaze and Russia's Team Lovushka. Wang Hu Zhong is entered in the A-Block Semi-Finals against Team Excalibur. Dashan leads his team into battle, deciding that it is best for Chao Xin and Mei-Mei to battle against the infamous Tag Team Masters; Sophie and Wales. Unfortunately for them even that match up is no match for Konzern's Twin Jewels.

After losing the first match, Chi-yun swears to defeat Excalibur's Muscle; Klaus. The two battle and Chi-yun is surprised by his strength but does not worry. But soon enough Klaus is able to overpower and defeat Chi-yun's Lacerta. Dissappointed in himself, Chi-yun is depressed over his loss but Dashan is not phased because he knows his team tried his hardest, but is dissappointed that he himself did not get a chance to battle.

Little Da Xian Wang

Dashan and Chi-yun's frienship began way back when, at the Beylin Temple

Dashan along with the rest of his team support GanGan Galaxies matches, raising enough money to attend all except their semi final in Brazil. Dashan and his team are extremely supportive during their match against Excalibur where Gingka and his teammates are able to win, just as they promised to Wang Hu Zhong.

During GanGan Galaxy's appearance in America before their battle with Team Star Breaker, Team Wang Hu Zhong along with several other of Gingka's friends have a friendly battle royale to decide who will fill Tsubasa and Yu's place due to their injuries sustained from battling a powerful beyblader known as Damian Hart. Dashan takes upperhand against Kenta until all of them unleash their special moves where the battle is interrupted by Gingka's father; Ryo dressed as Phoenix. Hikaru then tells all of them that no one can participate since they were already in the tournament.

For Beybladers Everywhere

Soda Celebration

Wang Hu Zhong celebrates their friends victory

GanGan Galaxy faces Team Starbreakers of America in the finals of Big Bang Bladers. Dashan and Wang Hu Zhong support them from the stands, taking notice when an individual known as Ryuga takes the place of Tsubasa in the second round.

In the third and final match between the teams Gingka is supported by all the true bladers of the world to defeat "The Chosen One"; Damian Hart and does just that. With victory in hand, GanGan Galaxy celebrates victory but at first they are alone until Wang Hu Zhong shoes up to help congradulate them. They celebrate by having fun splashing eachother with soda pop until they are interrupted by the American Team and company.

But they don't come to celebrate, instead the announce a new Weapon known as the Spiral Force which would be powered by the potential of Beyblade unlocked by the Hades inc. arrangement System. Refusing to allow Ziggurat to use beys a research tool to power a weapon Dashan, Gingka and all their friends prepare to take Hades down.
Dashan and Masamune

Dashan and Masamune find themselves in trouble against Hades

Dashan teams up with Masamune to battle Argo Garcia and Julian Konzern who have decided to join Ziggurat's cause. Dashan supports Masamune in battling against Argo but are both pushed back into a trap with Julian's special move waiting. Before they are hit, both Dashan and Masamune are saved by Nile of the African team which causes Julian and Argo to retreat.

Seeking help, Gingka leads everyone to his father who refuses to allow them to pursue the spiral force. But with Hikaru's help they are able to continue their pursuit after making a gameplan to storm Hades City, the homebase of Hades Incorporated. They arrive only to be assaulted by Hades forces led by the Garcias, who unleash a flurry of attacks that seperates everyone from each other. Team Wang Hu Zhong must now work together to face Enzo Garcia and his many HD Beybladers, but it is not long before they find that Hades City is moving!
Dashan goes to Hades

Dashan boards Hades City with his new allies to Storm the Spiral Force

Kyoya Tategami clears a path for everyone to head for Hades City which prepares to take off into the air as a floating fortress for the Spiral Force. But Wang Hu Zhong is soon surrounded by an Army of Beybladers while heading for the City.

Dashan prepares to battle his way out with his team, but instead they haul him onto the floating city, leaving them behind so he may continue. Already on board, Gingka remains trying to board while Argo holds him off. Dashan is amazed to see that Tsubasa and Yu return with Madoka to save him as they all board Hades City together.

Passing on the Spirit

Leaving his team behind, Dashan continues to move forward with his new allies to fight for Beybladers everywhere against the tyranny known as Hades. Dashan and the others battle their way against HD Beybladers throughout the city, heading towards the Hades Tower which is was the primary plan. They arrive only to be intercepted by who Dashan refers to as Hades pet monkey; Julian Konzern.

Sophie and Wales insist on holding Julian back while the rest enter the tower, but Dashan already knows that they will fall in battle and decides to remain behind. Dashan was unable to battle Julian in their teams matchup and is eager to battle him. Dashan watches as Julian betrays his former allies and crushes them in battle, dissappointed with Julian's actions Dashan reveals himself to Julian in order to stop him from intercepting the remaining allies who must take down the Spiral Force.
Dashan and Julian

Dashan faces Julian, the man who he was unable to face in the A-Block final stands before him, guarding Hades city

Dashan oppenly confronts Julian about being a dishonorable beyblader while Julian plans to dethrone Dashan of his title as the Pride of Beylin Temple so he will have nothinh left like Julian.

Without anymore words their battle begins, where Dashan is surprised to see that Julian's destroyer can clash through Zurafa's defense with ease. But Dashan counters after having a taste of Julian's strength by utilizing his Zurafa's rubber Wings and counterattacking with an attack of his own.

Dashan against Julian

Dashan passes on his trials to Julian through battle

They both obviously have a mutual respect for each other's talents, Dashan does not underestimate Julian as he knows the battle is not over yet. Interested to see that Julian's beyspirit has not left him completley he reignites the battle by matching Julian's strength in a battle of defense types, Sophie and Wales note that this is fueled by Dashan's intense spirit.

But even after been given a challenge, Dashan realizes that Julian is still not the man he wished to battle. With this Julian decides to turn the match around by activating the eyes of Medusa which turn Zurafa to stone.

Dashan is not discouraged as he knows has to use his sense to feel the flow of everything in the world, and uses this to escape Julian's trap with Zurafa's flowing dash. Dashan begins to take the battle back into his own hands as Julian fears defeat. Refusing to give in, Julian makes his move by activating his special move; Gravity Brave. This is expected to defeat Dashan but by using the secret 4000 old technique, Solid Iron Wall Dashan is able to defend and discourage Julian further.

Even if you lose you get back up and keep moving forward! That is the bey spirit, my friends taught me that a strong spirit is whats kept Beylin Temple going for 4,000 Years!

—Dashan Wang, The Fallen Emperor

Julian comments about how Dashan was much like Julian used to be, but Dashan takes this as an insult and assaults Julian, seemingly finishing him off. Dashan tells Julian that Beyblade is about the passion and is not a tool to gain control of the world as Julian once thought.

MFE98 050

Dashan finally meets the man he's always wanted in intense battle

Dashan believes that beyblade is the world and he has worked too hard to let people like Julian and Ziggurat ruin it, dissapointed in Julian Dashan prepares to end it. Julian nearly allows him to until Sophie and Wales are able to convince Julian that Dashan is right, true power comes from getting back up and fighting with Honor.

Julian follows Dashan's advice, picks himself up and prepares to make a new Excalibur as Dashan and his friends have made a new legacy for Beylin. Happy to see that Julian is back on his feet, he begins to battle the man he is now the man he's always wanted to battle. Julian plans to defeat Dashan as his first accomplishment with his new Excalibur, but Dashan refuses to lose the battle he's waited so long for. Dashan charges his spirit to the max and releases his final attack against Julian's.

When it's all said and done, Dashan is victorious. Dashan succesffuly passed what he learned from his loss to Gingka onto Julian who is able to pick himself up after defeat. Happy to see Julian's recovery, Dashan decides to remain behind with Excalibur, leaving Gingka and his allies to take down the Spiral Force. His hopes come to light as Gingka and his friends defeat Faust and destroy the Spiral Force, saving the BeyWorld.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

TBA - Temporary Summary

The Beylin Fist

Dashan vs Johannes 2

Dashan battles Johannes

Dashan Wang is seen with the rest of Team Wang Hu Zhong over a video chat talking to Gingka and the others about the Legend Bladers. When Gingka his friends came back to Beylin Temple for the regional tournament, Team Wang Hu Zhong led by Dashan welcome them and help decide teams. During their stay before the Tournament, Dashan trains Gingka and the others so they can be in sync for the tournament since Gingka and Yuki are newfound partners.

After they complete the training Dashan and Chao Xin tell them the rumor about the Beylin Fist , several beybladers who have betrayed the Temple and joined a mysterious man. During the night they are confronted by non other then Johannes.

Because of his dishonorable entry to the Temple and greed to battle Gingka Johannes is challenged by Dashan. The two battle and Dashan reveals several new techniques and overwelms Johannes to where he runs out of time and has to return to where he came, causing him to forfeit and leave.

Da Xiang & Chi-yun vs

Dashan & Chi yun's preliminary matchup

Dashan enters with Chi Yun Li as his partner in the regional. They dominate the first and second rounds together. They work together and even debut a Joint Special move to win their matches with overwelming strength showing that both Dashan and Chi-yun have become much stronger.

Due to the home terf they expect Gingka and Yuki to be defeated by Chao Xin and Mei-Mei but to everyone's surprise Gingka and Yuki are victorious.

Da Xiang vs Gingka 4D

Dashan battles Gingka

Dashan and Chiyun are the next to face them. Dashan and Chi-yun uses there syncrhonized blading to overwelm Gingka and Yuki at first then try and finish them off with there conjoint special move, after that fails to defeat them Gingka and Yuki begin to work together.

With a real tag match in the works Dashan fights until he is able to trap Gingka, then he and Chi-yun double team Yuki until he repels them with his Legend Blader power stalling them long enough so Gingka get's free and releases his new special move that defeats Chi-yun and Dashan. Dashan and his team continue to cheer them on until the finals.


Zurafa (きりん, Kirin) is the beast inside Dashan's Beyblade.

MFB Giraffe

Special Moves

  • Strong Arm Flash: Dashan's first special move, he first used this attack in Episode 58 (Anime).
  • Strong Arm Barrage: Dashan's second special move, he first used this attack in Episode 58 (Anime).
  • Storm Surge: Dashan's third special move is Storm Surge, he first used this attack in Episode 62 (Anime).
  • Crushing Blast: Dashan's fourth special move is Crushing Blast, he first used this attack in Episode 62 (Anime).
  • Solid Iron Wall: Dashan's fifith special move is Solid Iron Wall, he first used this defencive move in Episode 62 (Anime).


Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Outcome
Several Beylin Temple Bladers Win
Gingka Hagane No Outcome (Interrupted by Masamune)
Gingka Hagane Lose
Gingka and Masamune (Tag w/ Chao Xin) Lose
Beylin Temple Beybladers (Flashback) Win
Battle Royal Win
Julian & Argo (Tag w/ Nile & Masamune) Win
Enzo Garcia & HD Beybladers (Tag w/ Wang Hu Zhong) Win
Julian Konzern Win

Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Outcome
Johannes Win
1st Round Tournament Bladers (Tag w/ Chi-yun Li ) Win
2nd Round Tournament Bladers (Tag w/ Chi-yun Li) Win
Gingka Hagane & Yuki Mizusawa (Tag w/ Chi-yun Li) Lose


Beyblade: Metal Masters

Beyblade: Metal Fury

  • TBA


  • He resembles Lee Wong, from the original series, in many ways.
  • In the English version he is voiced by the same person as Blader DJ on Beyblade, Julio, Spectra Phantom, Elico, Jake Vallory, Aranaut, Lumagrowl, Accelerak, Faser Titan, and Marduk on Bakugan and Boomer on Redakai.
  • When Dashan is practicing with other Chinese Bladers, he uses a generic bey instead of his normal Bey, Rock Zurafa.
  • Most of his special moves start with the letter s
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