David is a minor antagonist in BeyWheelz.

A timid member of The Dominators, he uses his cold attitude and precise calculations with his BeyWheel, Savage Blade Herculeo.

Physical Appearance

David is short and slim for his age compared to his brother Gigante. David has much lighter skin then his brother while maintaining the navy blue hair that is spiked high above his head and continue down into a ponytail that reaches his mid back, matching with sharp brown eyes.

David wears a button up liliac T-shirt with black zipper under his unzipped, short sleeved green militar-style jacket and matching wristbands. He wears a pinkish-brown belt that holds his gear and matches the designs on dark blue pants that tuck into dim green boots.


Even though he is quite small compared to his younger brother, this does not bother David as he is very calm headed and controlling of him. David's personality conflicts that of his brother and that is why he is able to control him without fail, while still maintaining a brotherly bond.



David and the Dominators gain wind of the upset caused by the Team Estrella tryouts. David leaves with the Dominators to publicly announce themselves to Wheelers everywhere, threatening to destroy their Wheelz until Team Estrella challenges them in order to get The Dominators to leave. David's younger brother battles Leon to no avail, much to David's disappointment, the Dominators retreat.


Special Moves

BeyWheelz Battles

Opponent Episode Result
Nicole Spears & Marche Ovis (tag w/ Gigante) BWZ07 Win
Gigante, Nicole Spears, & Marche Ovis (tag w/ Jake, Glen, & Sting BWZ13 Loss


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  • His spiked high above his head resembles Anubias from Bakugan.
  • He could be considered the BeyWheelz counterpart of Ian Garcia since both of them uses a Herculeo and have a brother who uses a Gil.
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