Defense is a type of Beyblade that focuses on not being knocked out of the stadium. Specifically built to counter Attack-types, Defense-oriented Beyblades tend to have only moderate Stamina, but are built to be able to deflect attacks without losing spin power.

Defense Types need a lot of weight so that they can counter attacks. Adding a Metal Face Bolt like an MF-2 Heavy helps by adding some extra weight. Any Metal Fight Defense-type Beyblade can be improved by using a heavy Energy Ring like Kerbecs, Bull, Jupiter, Cygnus or Aquario. Good Defense wheels are almost always heavy and round, and they include but are not limited to: Twisted (Basalt), Diablo, Duo, Earth and Libra (Pre-HWS wheel).

Defense-type combos like MF-H Twisted (Basalt) Bull TH170CS use high Spin Tracks not only to smash down on their opponents, but also to protect their own Fusion Wheel from lower beys. Other good Spin Tracks for defense include 230, GB145, TR145, C145 and BD145. Defense tips have high friction and/or a hemispherical shape, but mostly the former. Recommended Defense tips are: CS, RDF, RB, RS, RSF, and MB.

Defense Beyblades using the aforementioned parts can, for the most part, counter Attack-types, though the former is not invulnerable. Defense-types usually only have only moderate Stamina, allowing Stamina-types to beat Defense-types often in sleep-outs. It's worth noting that many Defense-types have enough Attack to knock Stamina types around though, so they can occasionally defeat Stamina-types, though unlikely. Overall, building Defense-type Beyblades is not easy, because perhaps more than any other type, every part counts.

Recommended Metal Fight Beyblade Defense Type Combos

  • MF-H Twisted Bull GB145/TH170RDF/RB/CS 
  • MF-H Twisted Kerbecs/Bull 230/BD145RB/MB/CS/RDF/RF
  • MF-H Libra BD145CS/RB/RDF
  • MF-H Duo Bull/Kerbecs BD145RB/RDF/RF
  • MF-H Duo Cygnus TH170RDF
  • MF-H Diablo Bull BD145RB/RF/RSF/RDF
  • MF-H Bakushin Leone/Aquario BD145RSF/CS/RDF/RF
  • MF-H Bakushin Kerbecs GB145RS/RB/RSF
  • MF-H Death Cygnus 230MB/CS
  • MF-H Death Kerbecs/Bull/Gasher GB145/TH170/R145RDF
  • MF-H Diablo Kerbecs 85RB/CS
  • MF-H Death Kerbecs/Bull BD145RDF
  • MF-H Earth Kerbecs/Bull/Aquario BD145RB/CS/RS/RSF/RDF
  • MF-H Earth Kerbecs R145/GB145RDF/RS/RSF/RB/CS/RDF/RF
  • MF-H Libra BD145/R145/GB145/145/MB/CS/RB
  • MF-H Bakushin Leone/Gasher 85/90/100/CH120RS/CS/RB/RSF
  • MF-H Duo Leone BD145CS/RDF/RF
  • MF-H Twisted Bull/Cygnus SA165CS (Defense mode)

Recommended Shogun Steel/Zero-G Defense Combos

  • MSF-H Reviser Reviser (Leviathan Leviathan) BD145MB/RB/CS/RDF/RSF/RF
  • MSF-H Reviser Kraken BD145RDF/RF/RSF/CS/RB
  • MSF-H Gembu Gembu BD145RF/RDF/MB
  • MSF-H Kraken Dragoon BD145RDF
  • MSF-H Reviser Gembu SA165CS
  • MSF-H Kraken Reviser E230/BD145RDF/RF
  • MSF-H Kraken Kraken BD145CS


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