Denny (デニー, Denī) is a secondary antagonist in Beyblade: V-Force, who was enlisted as part of Team Zagart's Harassment Team. He was used as part of a plot to gather data on the Bladebreakers, in order to steal their Bit-Beasts. His beyblade is Klarken, which he owns two of.


Denny was an underground beyblader who was scouted for the Harassment Team, by Doctor K; he was one of many given a specially modeled kit, and ancient bitbeast, extracted from the Saint Shields' rock. Due to Denny's particular talents, he was chosen to wield Klarken , and two identical beyblades, wherein he would use Klarken's illusory duplicates to appear to use multiple bitbeasts.

Denny was then sent to challenge the Bladebreakers, and gather information for his employers; he would ultimately be defeated by Ray and Zeo, who would tag-team against his twin beyblades, and destroy his bit-chip, releasing his bit-beast.


  • Denny was a lesser-known beyblader, who had a reputation for cheating. This is a consistent theme within the Harassment Team.
  • Denny and Jack are the only members of the Harassment team to have names not connected to their bitbeasts (whereas Net and Foxy refer to their bit-beasts). Like Jack, however, Denny is still drawn to resemble Klarken, as his plaits are a metaphor for tentacles.
  • Denny is a one-appearance character, as with most of the Harassment Team; his only function was to gather data, despite his unique skills, and abilities.
  • Denny is the last of Team Zagart's Harassment Team to appear.
  • Denny is one of only two known beybladers able to use two beyblades at once; the other is Jin of The Gale, a.k.a. Hiro Granger.