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A Destabilizer is a Balance Type Beyblade customization that combines traits of Attack and Defense to defeat pure Stamina and Defense Type Beyblades.

Destablizer's tend to work at low-heights with Flat Performance Tips for an attacking pattern and decent Stamina. They also use Stamina Type Fusion Wheels designed with slopes to knock the opposing Bey off-balance and outspin it. Low and ultra-low Stamina Types counter this, unfortunately.

Flame is considered the best Fusion Wheel for Destablizer's due to it's performance which grinds against the opposing Bey until it's Stamina is lost, although Inferno, Scythe, and Flash are decent alternatives if you don't have Flame. Performance Tips like F, SF, WF, XF, WB, RS, and HF are also great for use. They are great against Defense Types that aren't very much higher than them. Other useful Fusion wheels are Spiral, Phantom (Stamina mode), Omega, and Night. By using slanted launches with the Zero-G Launchers (preferably the string launcher), you can help the Beyblade take on patterns that can slide down the stadium's slope and increase attack and contact.

Examples include:[]

  • MF L-Drago 100WF
  • Flame Gasher 85/90/100/SF
  • MF Phantom Aquario 85/90 WF/XF
  • Hades Striker 90WB
  • MF-H Flame Striker/Eagle/Pegasus III 105HF
  • MF/MF-H/MF-F Flame Gasher 85/90SF

Synchrome System examples include:[]

  • MF-H Griffin-Dragoon D125/T125 XF/WF/WSF/MF
  • MF-L Salamander-Ifrit CH120 HF/S (Combo Tip)

Destablizers have achieved fair success against many Top-Tier combos in the metagame. However, once Hades Kerbecs BD145DS was released, Hades along with BD145 stopped Destabliser's for good and outclassed them in the metagame. They can still be used to some success in today's metagame but are generally obsolete. But, they have a high success rate against beys using B:D. A tip: never use a destbilizer against a bey using WB or D etc. with an extremely tilted launch. This will counteract the destabilizer and use its attacks to restabilize itself.