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The Destroyer Dome is a Stadium released as part of the Beyblade: Metal Fury series. It was released in western countries as part of the Destroyer Dome Set in the United States. It is based on the Stadium used in the anime.


  • Destroyer Dome


The Destroyer Dome is a clear sphere with two holes. It is supported by a four pronged stand, and can be opened by taking the top half of the sphere off. The Destroyer Dome is only compatible with Beyblades that are using a "Dome Spin Tracks", which are wheels that cover part of the Fusion Wheel. These allow the Beyblade to grip onto the sphere and pull itself into an angled position to circle the stadium in a 360 degree rotation. The battles are very brief, lasting only seconds.

Two Dome Spin Tracks were included in the Destroyer Dome Set (four in the "Special Value" bundle). The Toys "R" Us exclusive B-151A Variares 145WB included two additional Dome Spin Track designs, for a total of four different Dome Spin Tracks. These two Dome Spin Tracks were also included in the "Special Value" version of the Destroyer Dome Set. The smoother Dome Spin Tracks, and lightweight Stamina Type Beys, appear to be the most useful in the Destroyer Dome.