Final Round

The final round of the Destroyer Dome tournament featured the three winners of the A block and B block. The battle pitched Toby, Zeo, Tsubasa, Jigsaw, King, and Masamune up against each other. Jigsaw used a technique that created an invisibility sheild around Ionis, using it's ED145 Spin Track and FB Performance Tip to alter the air flow around Ionis. Tsubasa easily counteracted this illusion. In a desperate attempt to win, Jigsaw used his special, First Sattelite. Zeo and Toby do not survive the attack. However, Tsubasa, Masamune, and King survived. When King got excited, he revealed that his Variares D:D was a dual spinning bey, similar to Gravity Destroyer. No one had realized this due to the Destroyer Dome being a spherical stadium. Jigsaw can't endure the exploding attack, and is defeated with a single hit.

The battle then moves to Tsubasa and Masamune vs. King. King's level of excitement rises and rises to the point where his hair changes to a silverish white color and sticks up, which only happens when his Legend Aura rises. With him activating his true power, King uses his special move, King of Thunderstorms. Using the power of Mars, Variares channels it's power into a sword, in which cuts through Eagle, ending in defeat for Tsubasa.

The only two bladers left are Masamune and King. Masamune realizes that he has to attack with everything he has in order to defeat King. Masamune calls out Blitz Striker's special move, Flash of Lightning. King counters with King of Thunderstorms. The clash is so powerful that it breaks one of the supports of the Destroyer Dome, causing it to fly out of the arena.

The damaged dome rolls down the streets of New York City, where King tells Masamune that where he came from, he was forbidded to battle, because of his strength. Thats when he tells him that only a few days prior to the Destroyer Dome Tournament, he saw a light fall from the sky. The light fell in the Greek ruins near the village that he lived in. When he went to the ruins, he found Variares, glowing a reddish orange color, lying half buried in the floor of the ruins. King said that it was just like him, wanting to find an opponent to fight with 100% of their power. King says that he's happy to find an opponent that he can do that.

The dome runs onto a pier, and right as the dome bounces into the air, King and Masamune use their special moves. In the end, King beat Masamune, and Masamune tells King that he is a Legendary Blader. They laugh as their new friendship and rivalry begins. Afterwards, Masamune asks what King's name really is, and in response, King states,"King, my name is King. King is number one."

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