Destroyer Roller is a Stealth Battler, part of the Beyblade: Extreme Top System. It is based off of Gravity Destroyer AD145WD.


Destroyer Roller has a sticker for a face bolt design with its energy ring/fusion wheel in defense mode. There are three triangular protrusions under the "fusion wheel" which act as buttons which activate the three wheels. There is what looks like an AD145WD spin track/performance tip combo as well. It was thought that these wheels, when showing, would increase defense due to the freely rotating wheels, but the wheels do not raise up far enough, resulting in the parcial loss of defense and stamina. Not to mention the wheels don't even spin unless you force them to with your finger, resulting in even more defense and stamina loss. Destroyer Roller would most likely lose unless it gets a very lucky hit or it faces a bey without a performance tip, or against some other increadibly weak or unstable beyblade.

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