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Destroyer Roller is a Stealth Battler Beyblade, part of the Extreme Top System. It is based on Gravity Destroyer AD145WD.


Like other Stealth Battler Beyblades, Destroyer Roller has a gimmick that is activated when any one of its three triggers are struck. As its name implies, Destroyer Roller features three freely rotating rollers draping down at three points on the Bey, opposite to where the triggers are located. When the gimmick is not active, the indicators under the "Energy Ring" will be filled in. When struck, these rollers deploy and in theory help stabilize the Bey when it is knocked off balance, as the freely rotating rollers run along the stadium floor.

In practice however, this gimmick only works early in the battle when spin velocity is high; as Destroyer Roller's spin velocity decreases, the gimmick acts as brakes instead, completely nullifying any Life-After-Death. The gimmick often activates at the end of the battle, when the spin velocity is low, and thus the aforementioned issue manifests itself in most of Destroyer Roller's battles. In addition, when making contact with the opposing Bey, these rollers often end up being protrusions that harm spin velocity.


Due to the design of Destroyer Roller's gimmick, the protrusions are often detrimental to spin velocity, contrary to their intended purpose.

As such, Destroyer Roller is recommended for collection purposes only.