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Destruction Belfyre B7 Nexus-Q Revolve-Q+Quake-2 is a Stamina and Attack Type Beyblade that is a part of the Burst System as well as the QuadDrive System. It was released in western countries as a QuadDrive Starter Pack for USD$10.99 in the United States.

Drive Chip - Belfyre B7

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Hasbro's Belfyre B7 is a right-spin Drive Chip that features the face of the Drive Chip's namesake, the Demon King. It is a horizontally oriented Drive Chip. Belfyre B7 has a standard weight for Drive Chips, and average Burst Resistance. Like other Drive Chips, its Burst Resistance is not comparable to GT Chips released in the HyperSphere System. This issue of low Burst Resistance is compounded by the light weight of QuadDrive System Layers, making them even easier to Burst than usual.

Blade - Destruction

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Hasbro's Destruction is a Right-Spin Attack Type Ring with three blades acting as the main contact points. Its general shape is nearly identical to that of its Takara Tomy counterpart, Dynamite. Like other Hasbro Blades, Destruction can switch between Apex and Core Modes by swapping the position of the Gravity Ring from the top of the Blade (Apex) to below it (Core).

While intended for Attack Combinations, it has poor performance against opposite spin opponents and mediocre performance against same spin opponents. Unlike Dynamite, Destruction cannot use a metal Armor, nor can it make use of the F Gear and L Gear. Furthermore, the light weight of Hasbro Blades means QuadDrive System Layers such as Destruction are even more prone to Bursts. Consequently, Destruction is too light to be used competitively, and is outclassed by other Layers.

Gravity Ring - 2

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Hasbro's 2 is a Gravity Ring based on Takara Tomy's 2 Armor. As such it retains the same general shape as 2, with two pointed ends opposite to each other. Unlike its Takara Tomy counterpart however, it is made of plastic instead of metal, and as such its weight has been reduced from about 13.7 grams to 1.5 grams. In theory, 2 has an even weight distribution at two opposite points to increase Attack. In practice however, since all Gravity Rings are plastic instead of metal like Takara Tomy's Armors, they are all around the same weight and offer no differences in performance, with the main difference between them being only aesthetic. As any differences in the weight distribution of a Combination are negligible, it is difficult to suggest using a particular Gravity Ring over another. Furthermore, most QuadDrive System Layers are lightweight and thus outclassed by heavier Layers.

Forge Disc - Nexus-Q

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Hasbro's Nexus-Q is an eight bladed Disc based on Takara Tomy's Nexus. It retains the same general shape as its Takara Tomy counterpart, but is smaller in size and about 6 grams lighter. Like Nexus, Nexus-Q is compatible with the S Gear. Like other QuadDrive Discs, when paired with standard height Performance Tips, it has a scrape risk.

Performance Tip - Revolve-Q

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Armor Tip - Quake

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