Devolos, also known as Diabolos (ディアボロス, Diaborosu) in Japan, is a character in the anime/manga Beyblade Burst Rise.


As Venom/Erase Devolos:

Devolos' appearance is based on a bipedal demonic creature with four-digit claws on the arms and legs, dark-red skin, four dark-red spikes on his back that generates four flaming wings, and a flame on the tip of his tail. His color scheme is luminescent dark-red with shades of orange, which makes his skin resemble magma, and seal-brown armor on his forearms, head, neck, outer chest region, thigh and the the outer leg areas. He also has four green eyes, a warm-orange curving horn on each side of his head, warm-orange spikes on his neck armor and arms, blue orbs on his chest armor and one on his crown, warm-orange claws, and a large spike on each shoulder. The spikes on his neck, shoulders and arms also sports magma veins.

As Master Diabolos:

Devolos' dark-red skin is now crimson, the magma translucent skin is now yellow, he now has six green eyes, a golden metallic mandible and side horns, a golden crest on the forehead with a green gem in the center, dark-red armor, three blue orbs on each side of the chest armor instead of two, and gold hip armor.

He also now has indigo parts on his claws, underneath his jaw and four back spikes; the four back spikes are yellow-golden colored and can fold out, his flame wings are now blue and red, his knee armor is more pointed, the digits have dark-red armor rings, the magma veins throughout his body are less prominent, three frills with small magma veins adorn each side of his head; the neck spikes have lessened yet thickened, and his tail no longer has a flaming tip.


Acting as the polar opposite of Dragon encouraging Dante Koryu to become stronger, Diabolos demands Delta to fight, even after they've won, to become stronger and devour the opposing Beyblade's "Light". After his destruction and rebirth into Master Devolos, his personality seems to have changed, appearing more benevolent and far less obsessed with consuming Bey lights.



Beyblade Burst Rise

He first appears in episode 8, during the match between Dante and Delta.


Delta Zakuro

Devolos' relationship with Delta is similar to a shoulder devil's, proposing to Delta to fight and become stronger while feeding on his desire. After being reborn as Master Devolos, their relationship has become more like that of Dante and Dragon, in a more positive manner.


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