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Diablo Nemesis X:D (ディアブロネメシスX:D, Diaburo Nemeshisu X:D) is a Balance Type Beyblade that appears in the anime series Beyblade: Metal Fury. It is the Beyblade form of Nemesis and is owned by the antagonist Rago. It evolved from Prototype Nemesis after absorbing the power of the Star Fragments. It was released as a Starter on December 28, 2011 in Japan.

Face Bolt - Nemesis A

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The Nemesis A Face Bolt depicts "Nemesis", the goddess of retribution in Greek mythology. In the series itself, Nemesis is the "God of Destruction". The motif and design of Nemesis A takes many elements from Metal Fury Beyblades to form the "face" of Nemesis. As Nemesis itself can take the form of any spirit, the Nemesis A design reflects this by depicting several together.

It uses the chin of Variares, the eyes of Phantom Orion, the crown of Mercury Anubius (located above the right eye), an eye of Beat Lynx, the arrow of Flame Sagittario, a wing of Cosmic Pegasus, a wing of Death Quetzalcoatl, the paw and claws of Fang Leone, the head of L-Drago Destructor, the head of Aquila from Jade Jupiter. The head of Blitz Striker, the scythe of Scythe Kronos, the swan from Kreis Cygnus, the mouth of Duo Uranus, and the helmet of Fusion Hades.

Energy Ring - Nemesis A

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Like the Nemesis A Face Bolt and Diablo Fusion Wheel, Nemesis A is an amalgamation of different characteristics of Metal Fury Beyblades. In particular it takes design cues from the Pegasus, Kronos, Uranus, Cygnus, and Jupiter 4D Clear Wheels. It uses the head and design of Pegasus, the scythe design of Kronos, the whirlpool-like shape of Uranus, the swan wings of Cygnus, and the spiky thorn-like details of Jupiter. Nemesis A also showcases a dragon from L-Drago and a skeleton from Kronos.

Fusion Wheel - Diablo

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Diablo is the heaviest Fusion Wheel ever released in the Metal Saga toyline, weighing 51 grams. Like the Nemesis A Face Bolt and Energy Ring, Diablo incorporates design elements from other Metal Fury Beys into its design. Diablo was also the first Fusion Wheel to feature a free-spinning gimmick. Like other 4D Metal Wheels, Diablo features a mode change gimmick by changing the position of the Metal Frame on the Core. In "Attack Mode", the Metal Frame is in place, and the X Drive 4D Bottom can be changed manually.

In "Ultimate Balance Mode", the Metal Frame is upside down and the Energy Ring is exposed. As the Metal Frame rests in between the Core and the 4D Bottom when in Ultimate Balance Mode, it can rotate freely. The Metal Frame has three positions that it changes between when impacting an opposing Bey. These positions push down on the pins of the X Drive 4D Bottom, changing the tip automatically.

Of the two modes, Attack Mode is considered superior as it allows Diablo to interact with parts other than the outclassed X Drive, as well as having high Attack power. The free-spinning Metal Frame of Ultimate Balance Mode would theoretically provide greater Stamina, but the disturbance caused on impact would make any Stamina gains null. Despite Diablo's weight, it is most suited for Attack and Balance Type combinations rather than Defense or Stamina Types. The aggressive design, while not enough to facilitate decent Smash Attack, has found use in Balance Type combinations making use of its Attack and Defense properties

Performance Tip - X Drive

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X Drive (X:D), like other 4D Bottoms, has a tip change gimmick akin to Delta Drive. X Drive features three tips: Extreme Flat (XF), Spike (S), and the newly introduced Stern Semi Defense (S²D). When the Diablo Fusion Wheel is in "Ultimate Balance Mode", X Drive will change automatically as the spin velocity slows, changing between the three tips. When in Attack Mode, X Drive will only change when done so manually.

Other Versions


  • Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren Ver. - Released during the Beyblade & B-Daman 2012 Dragon Campaign; only 100 units were produced. An additional 100 units were later released by Mani Limited in Hong Kong as part of a special promotion.
  • Diablo Nemesis X:D - Gold recolor available through a CoroCoro lottery in the Strongest Dragonis 4D Guide, only 100 units were produced.
  • Diablo Nemesis X:D - Gunmetal and red recolor, WBBA tournament prize.
  • Diablo Nemesis X:D - Hasbro Spark FX recolor.



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  • Diablo Nemesis X:D is the heaviest uncustomized stock combo Beyblade in the Metal Series that appeared in the anime.
    • In the toyline its weight is behind the Synchrome Beyblades released in the Ultimate Synchrom DX Sets.