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Diomedes D2 Triple Accel is an Attack Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released in western countries as a Starter Pack.

Energy Layer - Diomedes D2

Main article: Energy Layer - Diomedes D2
Diomedes D2 is an Attack Type Energy Layer that features three walls made from colored plastic, and three points made from clear plastic. The points and walls create the visage of a bow and arrow that intersect an armored face on the left side, meant to represent the Energy Layer's namesake; Diomedes, a hero in Greek mythology.

While it may seem great for Attack Combinations as first glance, the pointed design of the Energy Layer makes Diomedes D2 ill-suited for Defense and Stamina Combinations and instead functions akin to a three pointed Xcalius. While this may imply high Attack potential, Diomedes D2 is crippled by its light weight and the walls that cover the points up, severely reducing beneficial recoil.

Forge Disc - Triple

Main article: Forge Disc - Triple
Triple is a three-sided Forge Disc, which is circular, with a triangle stacked atop it creating knob protrusions. It has use in Attack, especially on three sided layers like Valkyrie since it focuses some weight around those three main protrusions, but it is not as useful as a Forge Disc like Gravity, as it is too light to be really effective in Attack, and too imbalanced to use in other Combinations.

Performance Tip - Accel

Main article: Performance Tip - Accel
Accel features a flat plastic tip with a small diameter akin to the Flat Performance Tip from Metal Fight Saga and the Flat Running Core from HMS and sits at a standard height. The center of the Driver also contains an embossed logo featuring a stylized letter A for easy differentiation from other Drivers. Accel performs as a standard flat tip and when launched straight, it catches onto the Tornado Ridge and rapidly circles the stadium, eventually moving closer to the center of the arena when it has less Spin Velocity. Alternatively, if launched with a Sliding Shoot, it will be able to maintain a flower pattern and cross the center of the stadium a few times at high Spin Velocity.

With the introduction of XtremeAccel's usefulness in Attack Combinations has been reduced. Even though it has more Stamina and is a lot more controllable, it has less speed and power in comparison to Drivers like Xtreme and even Hunter. Due to these reasons it is outclassed for Attack Combinations but it is still the second best Driver for Mobile Stamina Combinations, only being outclassed by Zephyr in that Department. Unlike the fragile Zephyr which is known for breakage and denting problems with constant use, Accel does not suffer from such problems. While Zephyr has better Stamina than Accel, due to its fragility issues and the fact that the difference in their performance is negligible, Accel is an excellent substitute for Zephyr.



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