Glaive (グレイブ, Gureibu) is a Disc Frame released as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System. It debuted with the release of the B-74 Starter Kreis Satan 2Glaive Loop on March 18th, 2017. It later debuted in western countries with the release of the Star Storm Battle Set.


Glaive is a mostly round Disc Frame with two sharp, wave like protrusions on either side. While too small to come into contact with the opponent's Layer in battle, the round shape of Glaive grants high Life After Death while the upwards direction of the protrusions ensure they do not scrape along the stadium floor. While Cross has greater Life After Death, Glaive is still comparable.


While Discs such as Polish and Yell grant higher Life After Death, Glaive's status as a Disc Frame allows it to be paired with the much heavier Core Discs, granting many Combinations greater KO resistance. While outclassed by Cross, Glaive makes for an excellent alternative if Cross is unavailable.

As such, Glaive is a must have for competitive bladers.


Takara Tomy



Takara Tomy




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