Dizzi, short for Dizzira, is a Dub Exclusive character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade and Beyblade: V-Force. She is Kenny's Bit-Beast but never physically appears.


Dizzi has a sense of humor.


Dizzi used to be a Bit Beast, but ended up in Kenny's computer. Kenny's first Beyblade has been modified from its Bit-Beast named Dizzi. Since Kenny's Bit Beast was trapped in his laptop, there is no actual blade for Dizzi.





  • It is unknown why the English dub added her, though it was possible it was to give a female character in the otherwise all-male dominated main cast.
    • It's also noted that Dizzi's role eventually diminished when Hilary joined the series.
  • Most of her dialogue was originally spoken by Kenny n the original Japanese dub, removing much of his role of telling the Bladers about Beyblade. AJ Topper & Brad Best do the same to DJ Jazzman during matches.
  • When she was dropped in G-Revolution, the dubbers were forced to edit Kenny's Beyblade to remove the illustration of "Hopper" to avoid confusion over the lack of her presence in the series.