Dizzi, short for Dizzira, is a Dub Exclusive character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade and Beyblade: V-Force. She is Kenny's Bit-Beast but never physically appears.


Dizzi has a sense of humor.


Dizzi used to be a Bit Beast, but ended up in Kenny's computer. Kenny's first Beyblade has been modified from its Bit-Beast named Dizzi. Since Kenny's Bit Beast was trapped in his laptop, there is no actual blade for Dizzi.



These two interact a lot, mainly because Kenny never goes anywhere without his trusty laptop and therefore never goes anywhere without Dizzi. Despite perhaps being a little miffed at Kenny for the accident that got her trapped in the computer, Dizzi and Kenny are incredibly close. They are best friends and Dizzi likes to point out how lost Kenny would be without her.

Tyson Granger

Not as much interaction as Kenny and Dizzi, mainly Dizzi usually just makes some comment about Tyson’s blading skills or attitude and sometimes personal traits (i.e. his overeating).

Kai Hiwatari

She doesn’t really like him too much in the beginning (on account of his poor treatment of Kenny early on in the first season), and is the one responsible for his nickname “Mr. Sour-pants.” Eventually, however, it seems as if she warms up to the BladeBreakers’ leader and her comments towards him are usually more joking than scathing.

Ray Kon

Ray and Dizzi do not a lot of interaction, save for some comment every once in a while.

Max Tate

Same with Ray, there are only a few comments thrown Max’s direction during battles or when he does something particularly interesting.


Because Hilary doesn’t actually Beyblade, and hangs around more with Kenny than the others, the two interact more than Dizzi does with the BladeBreakers. At first she finds Hilary extremely annoying and even makes one comment about her needing a “chill pill,” but the two don’t seem to fight too much later on. Hilary actually seems to trust Dizzi and will sometimes ask her questions about a progressing Beybattle or training regiment.



  • It is unknown why the English dub added her, though it was possible it was to give a female character in the otherwise all-male dominated main cast.
    • It's also noted that Dizzi's role eventually diminished when Hilary joined the series.
  • Most of her dialogue was originally spoken by Kenny n the original Japanese dub, removing much of his role of telling the Bladers about Beyblade. AJ Topper & Brad Best do the same to DJ Jazzman during matches.
  • When she was dropped in G-Revolution, the dubbers were forced to edit Kenny's Beyblade to remove the illustration of "Hopper" to avoid confusion over the lack of her presence in the series.


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