Doctor K is an antagonist in Beyblade: V-Force.

Physical Appearance

Dr. K has a white complexion with black hair. Her outfit consists of a lab coat with a dark purple under shirt and a grey skirt.

Personality & Characteristics


A scientist that worked for Dr. Zagart. She wished to capture the four Bit-Beasts of the Bladebreakers. She secretly extracted bit-beasts from the ancient rock which Dr. Zagart found out about.

She was then fired by Dr. Zagart, before the World Championships, for her disloyalty in handing over the extracted Bit-Beasts from the rock to bladers. She then goes to coach King and Queen in the World Championships, using them to help capture the bit-beasts.

During King's match with Tyson she used a particle accelerator to try and weaken Dragoon but Dragoon then attacked her with some help from Ariel and knocked her out.


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