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Doom Fire Drago is a Balance Type BeyWheel from the BeyWheelz toyline. It is based off the L-Drago-series of Beyblades. A recolored version can also be obtained in the Raging Skies Slash 2-Pack. The recolored version comes with the Molten Attack Gear instead of the Fire Attack Gear, therefore the name would be Doom Molten Drago instead of Doom Fire Drago.

Spirit Axle: Drago[]

Drago is based on the L-Drago series and looks like a Chinese dragon. It is gold and printed on a dark blue facebolt. It is based on Draco, one of the 88 constellations in space.

Spirit Shield: Drago[]

The Drago Spirit Shield has 6 blades that are used as a strong shield to block opponents' attacks. It also has a circular and generic design, so you can use it if you have no use of a Spirit Shield in your Beywheelz (one that fully utilizes the Energy Core).

Energy Core: Doom[]

Beywheelz-Energy Core Doom


The Doom Energy Core is a small, but thick energy core. Doom is one of the best Energy Cores for Power, although it is a Balanced Core. This is because the treads are in the opposite direction as the plates, thus the compact design. This core also has a little Speed potential.

Attack Gear: Fire[]

Fire has 3 strong, claw-like blades that are used as a shield to block opponents' attacks. It is white and orange. It is very flat. This makes it good for speed types as it makes the bey aerodynamic.