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Doctor Zagart is the main antagonist of Beyblade: V-Force. He is the father of Zeo Zagart and Zeo Zagart and is the man in charge of both Team Zagart and Team Psykick.

Physical Appearance

Dr. Zagart is a tall man with a large build, long shaggy hair and a beard.

His outfit resembles the ones worn by Team Zagart members and he also sports a purple and white cybernetic goggle with a red lens on his left eye.

Personality & Characteristics

He knows what he wants, and how to get it too. He thinks that if he can get the bit-beasts power (Dranzer, Driger, Draciel, and Dragoon) and transfer it into Zeo's circuits, he can turn Zeo into a real boy. He convinces Zeo that he can be turned into a real boy by talking Zeo into his crazy plan, and all he has to do is leave Tyson and the Bladebreakers, and steal their Bit-Beasts.


His eldest son, Zeo, died in an accident many years ago. Overcome with grief, he forced his youngest son to assume the identity of his older brother and to change his name from Leon to Zeo. In the anime, Zeo is an android that Dr. Zagart created to replace his deceased son.


Beyblade: V-Force

He began the project to extract the bit beasts from the ancient rock. He first hired Alan McKenzie to steal the ancient rock from Judy's lab in NYC. He then proceeds to have Doctor K have the bit-beasts captured but after several failures, he fires her.

He extracts two extraordinary bit-beasts from the rock, Orthros & Cerberus which he then sealed in the two coinciding blades (Orthros & Burning Cerberus). He then chose an expert blader named Gordo to wield Orthros and train Zeo, his android son copy to perfection. He then gave Burning Cerberus to Zeo. He had them both enter the worldchampionships.

As Dr. Zagart and Dr. K have this conversation and as Zagart leads, Zeo realizes that his father is in the business of stealing the Bladebreakers' Bit Beasts. After Zeo has been discovered, Dr. K tells her ex-boss that Zeo has made friends with the Bladebreakers. Dr. Zagart wants to know if this is true, but Zeo does not answer. He is still too shocked that his father is behind this. Zagart offers Zeo the most powerful bit-beast and says he should steal the Bladebreakers' bit-beasts. Zagart would do all that for him. After Dr. Zagart has told the secret that Zeo is not a human but a robot, Zeo decides to go against the Bladebreakers.

After Dr. Zagart has introduced his son to Gordo, he decides to go to the BBA to enter the two Bladers in the final rounds of the World Championships. There he met Mr. Dickenson, the BBA president, for the first time after 30 years. Briefly, they talked about the thing with the stone, until suddenly the Bladebreakers come. Dr. Zagart tells them that Zeo is his son and has now turned into a merciless fighter who wants to win against the Bladebreakers. Before Zagart leaves, he promises the Blader group that they will not recognize Zeo.

He believes that by transferring the power of the four bit beasts to Zeo, Zeo could become human. But as Kenny and Mr. Dickenson pointed out, the bit-beasts may not be able to what Dr. Zagart thinks they will and Zeo may not be able to turn into a real boy from this. They ask Zagart to take Zeo out of the tournament, but he refuses because Zeo is allegedly no longer under his control.

Thanks to Zeo, he managed to collect Dranzer & Draciel, but thanks to Tyson & Dragoon, they were both freed, ensuring that Zagart's plans to make Zeo human are foiled. He then accepts Zeo for who he was & the two live on better terms with the world.


Leon Zagart

Leon is Dr. Zagart's younger son, whom he trained to be like Zeo after Zeo's death. In the anime, he is actually an android replica of the real Zeo.

Zeo Zagart

Zeo is Dr. Zagart's first son, who was killed in an unfortunate accident.

Mr. Dickenson

Mr. Dickenson and Dr. Zagart were once colleagues known for doing bit-beast research. After going their separate ways, their friendship was strained, though it's implied they made amends after Dr. Zagart reformed when Tyson defeated his son in battle.

Doctor K





  • Dr. Zagart is the only main antagonist from the Original Series who reformed after his defeat, since his true plans weren't bad at all.
  • In the Indonesian dub version of the anime, his name was mistranslated into Dr. Tagato.


  • Now nothing can stop me! Nothing!
  • Soon, the sacred bit-beasts will be mine!