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Draciel MS is a Defense-type Beyblade and the third of the three introductory Beyblades implementing the Hard Metal System. It was Max's seventh Beyblade. It evolves from Draciel G.

Bit Protector: Draciel Emblem[]

The Bit Protector is constructed entirely of green ABS caul plastic and comes complete with two sticker decor options:

  • Draciel Emblem: A circular sticker featuring a stylized tattoo of Draciel's head, with the words "DRACIEL" and "Heavy/Hard Metal System" (in smaller font), all in white, labeled beneath it, sitting against a blue background.
  • Draciel: The sticker depicts Draciel.

Attack Ring: Metal Defense[]

Attack: ★★ Defense: ★★★ Endurance: ★★ Weight: 20g

The Metal Defense AR is constructed with the two parts: the Metal Frame: Cross Shield and the ABS Caul: Draciel.

Weight Disk: Circle Wide[]

Attack: Defense: Endurance: ★★★ Weight: 14g

Spinning Core: Sharp Core[]

Attack: Defense: Endurance: ★★★ Weight: 2g