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|RefName = Draciel S (Shield)
|RefName = Draciel S (Shield)
|image = [[File:H-14.jpg|250px]]
|image = [[File:H-14.jpg|250px]]

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Draciel S (Shield)
Number: A-14/H-14
Owner: Max Tate
Bit-Beast: Draciel
Attack Ring: Cross Spike
Weight Disk: Eight Balance
Blade Base: SG Metal Ball
Spin Gear: Right SG
Type: Defense
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Draciel S (Shield) is a Beyblade owned by Max Tate.

Attack Ring (AR): Cross Spike

  • Weight: 5 grams

Cross Spike’s overall general shape is in the form of a square. It has four projected turtle heads along with multiple flat spikes along it. This AR has no real use because of its shape and flat spikes that knock it off balance while spinning.

Blade Base (BB): SG Metal Ball

  • Weight of BB Only: 8 grams
  • Weight of BB with 1 set of metal balls (Original Weight): 10 grams
  • Weight of BB with 2 sets of metal balls: 12 grams

SG Metal Ball is one of the best BB for Defense type customizations. It has a round metal tip which makes it oriented for defense since it has a tendency to remain in the central area of the stadium in order to avoid attacks. The metal tip causes less friction between itself and the stadium which normally allows it to get knocked around in terms of defense, but in this case, its ability to hold up to 2 sets of metal balls prevents this because of the increase in weight.

This BB can hold up to 2 sets of metal balls just like Metal Ball Base (Draciel Metal Ball Defenser) and Fortress Base (Draciel F), however, unlike the other two, it can hold a Heavy Metal Core (Metal Driger) in addition to the 2 sets of metal balls making it the heaviest BB ever at over 20 grams. The combination of the heavy weight on the round metal tip provides one of the best options of defense type BBs to use.

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