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This article is about the Takara Tomy release. For the Hasbro release, see Draciel Shield Central Press (Hasbro).
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Draciel Shield Central Press (ドラシエルシールド・セントラル・プレス, Dorashieru Shīru Sentoraru Puresu) is a Defense Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of Beyblade's 15th Anniversary for the Burst System. It was released in Japan on December 28th, 2016 for 972円 as one of the prize Beyblades in Random Booster Vol. 5 Gigant Gaia.Q.F.

Energy Layer - Draciel Shield

Main article: Energy Layer - Draciel Shield (Takara Tomy)

Takara Tomy's Draciel Shield is a Burst System adaptation of the Cross Spike Attack Ring and Draciel Bit Chip from the Original Series' Spin Gear System. As such it features an overall square/diamond shape with four projected turtle heads with flat spikes which act as the main contact points with an image of the Bit Beast Draciel in the center. The only differences between the Energy Layer and original Attack Ring is that the four turtle heads are more compact making the Layer somewhat smaller than the Attack Ring and the "Bit Chip" is non-removable. Draciel Shield features teeth comparable to those of Victory Valkyrie.

The pointed design of the Layer makes Draciel Shield ill-suited for Defense or Stamina Combinations and instead function akin to a four pointed Xcalibur. While this may imply high Attack potential, Draciel Shield is crippled by its hollow construction which makes it one of the lightest Layers in the game. The light weight creates low inertia, which when coupled with the high recoil design, leaves the teeth incapable of compensating and thus Draciel Shield is highly prone to Bursts.

Forge Disc - Central

Main article: Forge Disc - Central

Central features a thickened central ring and a thinned perimeter meant to create Centralized Weight Distribution (CWD). The centralized weight is meant to increase spin velocity which has numerous effects on performance:

If used on Attack Combinations, the higher spin velocity will increase the force of impact. If used on Defense Combinations, the centralized weight will increase Knock-Out Resistance.

While Central has an indent on once side to prevent this Disc from being perfectly balanced, it is not the main downfall of this Disc. What prevents this Disc from being competitive is the light weight which makes any effect from the Centralized Weight Distribution (CWD) negligible at best as there is too little mass for effective Attack potential and too little mass for effective Knock-Out Resistance.

Performance Tip - Press

Main article: Performance Tip - Press

Press features a ball-shaped tip, much like Defense, but differs by having four significantly wider tabs around its tip compared to Defense's. In theory, these tabs will force the Beyblade back into an upright position after being knocked off balance and act as brakes to prevent Knock-Outs by striking against the stadium floor at the cost of Stamina. While such an effect does occur, the wider tabs create greater Stamina drain than Defense's with little to no improvement on Stability and Knock-Out Resistance. The top portion of Press also has four wall protrusions with a spike in the center on the sides of the Performance Tip, but hold no real purpose other than a slight source of Stamina loss, since they can also scrape along the stadium floor and are too low to be struck by any Burst System Beyblade.



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