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Dragon (ドラゴン, Doragon) is a character of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Rise. He later returns in Beyblade Burst Surge.


Ace/Glyph/Rock Dragon

Beyblade Burst Gachi Ace Dragon Sting Charge Zan avatar 25.png

Dragon's appearance is a blend of Western and Eastern Dragon anatomy; possessing the head and white hair of an Eastern dragon, and the body and wings of a Western dragon. He is predominantly aqua blue with a darker blue underbelly, and has yellow scales on his forearms, hind legs, shoulders and upper leg joints. He also has green eyes, a white mane, beard & tendrils; yellow horns, and ruby red wing talons and claws.

Command/Master Dragon

Beyblade Burst Gachi Imperial Dragon Ignition' avatar 25.png

Dragon's eyes are now diamond shaped, the hair on his forehead has been reduced, the wrinkled scales on his face have been reduced, and the mane running down the back of the neck is slimmer with a dark-blue spine running down on both sides. He also has smoother scales, blue tendrils, sharper horns with a dark-blue strip, golden armor around each eye, a silver blade sprouting out from each cheek, and a gold-skinned jawline.

Dragon's blue skin running from the inner neck down to the tail is now dark-blue, he now has a red and gold-bordered pendant on his chest, the scale pattern on his shoulders and thighs have lessened and run diagonally; his shoulders have gold pieces, and his tail tip has become sharper.

He also now has dark blue metacarpus, yellow claws, an aqua-blue back, longer spikes on the shoulders and hips with differently shaped scales, smoother yellow scales on the forearms and hind legs, a long gold piece above the hind legs, an acute protrusion on the elbows, a metal piece on the forearms, two red-based silver blades on each wing, and a dark-blue & golden rim on the index metacarpal.

Tempest Dragon

Beyblade Burst Superking Tempest Dragon Charge Metal 1A avatar 28.png

The white hair on Dragon's snout has been removed, and his face has become completely smooth. The temples has a dark-blue/red/silver color scheme above each eye, the blade on each cheek is large and smooth, and there are three red nails on each side of the thorax collarbone region.

The crest on his chest has been replaced with a six-winged emblem with a red gem on the center (the red gem represents the red core on the Dragon Superking Chip), the white hair on the underside has also grown, extending to the chest, which sports a large red nail on each side. The scale pattern on the upper arms have changed, and the white hair on the tail's tip has decreased.

The wings have drastically changed: the main wings have more gold armor on the index metacarpal, dark-blue metacarpals, and silver patagia, the twin blades on each have shifted pattern, the middle blades have a reverse color scheme from that of Imperial Dragon's and appear more wing-like, and the two lower blades are prismatic, glowing the colors of the rainbow (a nod to the Rainbow Turbo move).


Dragon is very wise and noble. He helps and supports Dante's path of growth to become a strong blader. He also acts as a conscience to Dante, guiding him and telling him right from wrong. He encourages Dante to do his very best and become stronger everyday. He is the voice of reason in and out of Beybattles.



He always appears in front of Dante in a green dreamscape with white clouds resembling Heaven. Whenever Dante was sad and/or finding a strategy, he always appeared to give Dante good advice.

Beyblade Burst Rise

He first appeared in episode 1, during the match between Dante and Arman. In episode 16, he appeared as his newly evolved form Command Dragon, during the rematch between Dante and Pheng.


Dante Koryu

Dragon's relationship with Dante is of guidance and growth, encouraging Dante to become stronger than before with each Beyblade battle. He is always helping Dante to grow as a blader and as a companion to his bey everyday. As Command Dragon, his words have taught Dante about his newfound emotions and his opponents power.  


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  • Dragon is the only non humanoid avatar that is used by a protagonist.