Dragon Emperor Life Destructor (竜皇命壊破, Ryūō Meikaiha) is the "Ultimate Move" of Ryuga and L-Drago Destructor F:S

Beyblade: Metal Fury

L-Drago Destructor either starts spinning around full tilt, creating a ring of fire, or launches an inferno of mass proportions from its Face Bolt (it depends on which mode Final Survive is in). Then, L-Drago's beast erupts from the blaze and attacks the enemy in a tornado of fire and finishes the off by smashing the opponent into a nearby rock. However, in the battle with Rago, instead of creating a fiery twister, L-Drago Destructor coats itself in flames and charges at the enemy.

Ryuga first uses this move in Showdown at the Tower of Babel! when he battles Tsubasa and his Earth Eagle 145WD during the Babel Tower Tournament.



  • This is the only move that any Blader classifies as an Ultimate Move.
  • Prior to its dub release, it was thought that this move was called Dragon Emperor Strong Supreme Soaring (excluding the final battle, where it is called Dragon Emperor Descends by fans).
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