Dragon Emperor Soaring Destruction is the second Special Move used by Ryuga and his Lightning L-Drago 100HF. Like the Dragon Emperor Soaring Bite Strike and Venom Strike, it is known as a "Dark Move". It is known as Dragon Emperor Soaring Kill in the Japanese Version (竜皇天翔殺, Ryūō Tenshōsatsu)

Beyblade: Metal Fusion


Ryuga summons the Dark Power of L-Drago, unleashing all the power at its disposal in a single devastating attack.

L-Drago launches itself at the opponent, spinning in the center of a vortex of dark energy. It smashes into the opposing Bey, forcing it high into the air, before slamming into the ground with incredible force.

It can be considered the "Dark" counterpart of Galaxy Nova.

Ryuga is only capable of using this Dark Move while possessed by L-Drago's Dark Power.


Lightning L-Dragos Special Move 2

Lightning L-Dragos Special Move 2

Credit by LightningLDrago13