Dragoon F is an Attack-type Beyblade and was Tyson's third Beyblade. It was preceded by Dragoon S and was replaced by Dragoon V.

Bit Chip (BC): Dragoon (F Version)

The chip depicts Dragoon.

Attack Ring (AR): Dual Dragon

A two layer four edged attack ring. The coloring of the first layer is white with blue and green designs. The second layer coloring is red. This coating was propitiated to be OP and was disqualified for use in tournaments. Some users disagree with this notion however and regard it as a marketing scheme as it did not prove it's worth in actual battles. The attack ring looks like a dragon because of its green eyes and its edges.

Weight Disk(WD): Eight Wide

  • Weight: 13 Grams

Spin Gear (SG): Left Spin Gear

A SG that allows for left spin while using in combination with a left shooter. The left-spin SG was designed very similarly to the right-spin SG, with the exception of the tabs. The tabs on a left-spin SG were situated opposite of the right-spin SG tabs, allowing a left-spin shooter to attach to them. In addition, the left-spin tabs extended out slightly farther than the right-spin tabs, disallowing the usage of a right-spin Shooter on with a left-spin SG, and vice-versa.

Blade Base (BB): Fantom Grip Base

This attack-based Base has a tall red rubber Grip Shaft at the end. However, although this Base has more rubber than Dragoon S' Storm Grip Base, the Grip Shaft's rubber is too stiff to build up sufficient friction on the stadium floor for the fast movement patterns the Dragoon series are well known for. In addition, the Base's height is not low enough, either. when the rubber will wear out it will become super aggresive in stadium and has very worst stamina