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Dragoon G (ドラグーン(ギャラクシー), Doragūn Gyarakushī; Dragoon Galaxy) is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara as part of the Engine Gear System. The first Engine Gear System Beyblade, it is the sixth entry in the "Dragoon" series, following Dragoon V2.

The original Starter, released in Japan by Takara in December 2002, included a blue Neo Reverse Shooter, yellow Dragon Winder and white Turbo Winder. Hasbro would release it as a Starter Pack internationally during 2004.

This Beyblade was featured in the "Beyblade: G-Revolution" anime and the "Beyblade" manga as the signature Bey for character Tyson Granger before he upgraded to Dragoon GT.

Bit Chip: Dragoon[]

This Bit Chip is white and includes an optional sticker. It is the anime depiction of its Bit-Beast, Dragoon over a simplistic yellow and green background with white katakana for Dragoon, "ドラグーン".

Attack Ring: Eight Spiker[]

Main article: Attack Ring - Eight Spiker
  • Weight: 5 grams

Eight Spikes takes the form of four dragon heads followed by slightly smaller fins, for a total of eight contact points. Each one of its eight well-spaced, well-shaped contact points is further enhanced by small spikes, adding Spike Attack to its already prodigious Smash Attack.

While it is less powerful than other Attack Ring options for left-spin Smash Attack such as Square Edge and Triple Beak, it compensates with solid consistency and low recoil, being capable of clean knockouts at any stage of battle. As a result, Eight Spiker is an excellent choice for usage on SG Metal Flat 2.

It is, therefore, a solid AR choice for a left-spin smash attack customization. However, Eight Spiker is only effective in left spin, as it does not have any sort of specialized contact points for smash attack in right spin. In addition, being mainly effective in left spin means that it is not able to make use of Grip Base, the fastest and shortest rubber-tipped base.

Use in Smash Attack customization:[]

Eight Spiker's low recoil and solid consistency are best exemplified with this customization. Wide Defense's width and (relatively) light weight, combined with the light weight of the Normal Core, means that more weight is focused on the perimeter rather than centrally, helping with movement speed and somewhat helping Eight Spiker's Smash Attack. Eight Spiker also capitalizes on its low recoil and solid consistency using SG Metal Flat 2, which possesses solid stamina while also retaining high controllability.

Weight Disk: Ten Wide[]

Main article: Weight Disk - Ten Wide
  • Weight: 14 Grams

Ten Wide is the next in the series of Wide Weight Disks following Dragoon S' Eight Wide, now with two additional sides. As a result, it is both the widest and heaviest of them.

Engine Gear: Metal Semi-Flat[]

Main article: Engine Gear - Metal Semi-Flat

Dragoon G is equipped with a Left Engine Gear which has a Metal Semi-Flat tip. Despite the name, however, the tip is flat, only having slight rounding of the edges. This provides aggressive movement and decent Survival. The Engine Gear itself provides a burst of speed (the timing of which depends on the base it is used with). However, the tip isn't fully able to make use of this, and often, the most noticeable effect of activation is self-KO.

Furthermore, it is too tall to hit many opponents, and is limited to Engine-Gear compatible bases, all of which are impractical and/or bulky. Overall, this part has no competitive use.

Blade Base: First Clutch[]

Main article: Blade Base - First Clutch

An Instant Release Base activates an Engine Gear core immediately at the start of battle.


  • Bronze Ver. - Released as a Japanese BBA G1 prize.
  • Blue Ver. - Released as part of the A-103 Beyblade Engine Gear Try Set.
  • Fire Blood Version ファイアーブラッドバージョン: Released as an exclusive recolor in Toys "R" Us stores in Japan. This variant is red in color.
  • JT Original Ver. - Released as a JT Campaign prize.
  • Hasbro Recolor - Released in a dark blue coloring as part of Hasbro's re-release campaign.



Dragoon G - Original Version[]


Dragoon G - A-103 Engine Gear Try Set Metallic Blue Version[]

Dragoon G - Fire Red Version (Toys "R" Us Japan Exclusive)[]

Dragoon G - Hasbro Metallic Dark Blue Version[]


  • Dragoon G is the only Beyblade with a red Engine Gear.