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Dragoon MF is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara as part of the Hard Metal System. In the toyline, it is the successor of Dragoon MS Ultimate Version and is the last form of Tyson Granger's Dragoon Beyblades in the Original Series.

It is succeeded by Dragoon Storm Wing Xtreme in the sequel manga series Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising.

Bit Protector (BP): Dragoon Emblem

The Bit Protector is composed entirely of white ABS caul plastic and comes with two sticker options:

  • Dragoon Emblem: A circular sticker which features a stylized tattoo resembling Dragoon's head with the words "DRAGOON" and "Beyblade Metal System" (in a smaller italicized font) written in white beneath it, Behind is a red background.
  • Dragoon: The sticker depicts Dragoon.

Attack Ring: Upper Dragon

Main article: Attack Ring - Upper Dragon
  • Weight: 19 grams

Upper Dragon is used for Upper Attack in right-spin and Smash in left-spin. In this way, it is quite similar to Bloody Devil MS's Devil Crusher and Phantom Fox MS's Upper Fox, but because of the shape of its ABS Caul the Smash Attack is more powerful because of the exposed metal spikes on each side of the AR's Metal Frame. In addition, there is a few smaller spikes on the ABS Caul which help contribute to its Smash Attack. In right spin, the acute angled slopes of Upper Dragon's Metal Frame are clearly meant to be used for Upper Attack, but in comparison to Devil Crusher, its Upper Attack is weak because the bottom of the slopes are blocked by the ABS Caul.

All of this being said, there are a number of better choices out there for both Smash and Upper Attack purposes.

Weight Disk: CWD Chain Attacker

Main article: Weight Disk - CWD Chain Attacker
  • Weight: 17 grams

CWD Chain Attacker has a wide attack range, even bigger than most HMS ARs. It is slightly smaller than Bloody Devil MS's CWD Devil Saucer however. Its wide attack range can be attributed to the nine large spikes surrounding its perimeter. Because it is free-spinning, CWD Chain Attacker's intended purpose is to shave away endurance from the opposing Beyblade, but in practicality however, it does more damage to the Beyblade it is being used on than the opposition. The fact that it is moving means that the various attack points will always be moving when hitting the opposing Beyblade and will never make a severe enough blow. This CWD has is not viable for any competitive situation.

Spinning Core: Metal Weight Grip Core

Main article: Running Core - Metal Weight Grip Core

The Metal Weight Grip Core is a medium-profile, Attack-type Running Core featuring a flat, rubber tip and metal weight core. Similar to other classic flat-shaped rubber tips, the tip on this Running Core generates impressive amounts of traction on smooth, dry surfaces such as Beystadium floors.

While this RC performs well in Attack-type combat, when compared to the Grip Flat Core and Ultimate Grip Flat Core (two RCs with extraordinary speed and mobility), there is a glaring difference in performance.

Inexperienced Bladers will find controlling both Grip Flat Cores difficult. The Metal Weight Grip Core offers a more controllable alternative, due to its three defining factors: the diameter of the tip, the metal weight core, and the tip's hardened rubber.

With a smaller diameter, the tip of Metal Weight Grip Core covers a smaller surface area for tighter, shorter movements; the rubber material used for the base is also stiffer than previous rubber tipped RCs; and the metal core gives the RC an overall weight that is 2 to 3 times greater than both Grip Flat Core and Ultimate Grip Flat Core. On the subject of the metal weight core, this component provides a subtle increased to Stamina.

Other Versions

  • Dragoon MF Fire Red Version: Released with Red BP, Attack Ring, and Spin Core
  • Dragoon MF Blue:Released in HMS Booster ACT 5
  • Dragoon MF Black:Released in HMS Booster ACT 5



Dragoon MF - Original Version

Dragoon MF - Fire Red Version

Dragoon MF - Black Version


Name in Other Languages

Language Script Pronunciation Etymology
Japanese ドラグーンMF
Doragūn Metaru Fantomu Same as Japanese name
Korean 드래곤MF (메탈 팬텀) Deulaegon Metal Paenteom Same as Japanese name