Dragoom-Metal Fantom
ドラグーンMF (メタルファントム)
Release Date(s)
Japan: ---
Product Details
Product Number: None (RBA3 Prize)
Type: Attack
Parts Information
Bit Protector: Dragoon Emblem
Attack Ring: Upper Dragon
Weight Disk: -Customize WD: Chain Attacker
-Customize WD: Eternal Survivor
(Included in RBA3 Secret Fire Red Version)
Spinning Core: {{{spinningcore}}}
Fictional Information
Owner: Tyson Granger
Anime debut: No
Manga debut: Beyblade Vol. 14, Chapter 3:
"Endless Explosive Rotation"

Dragoon MF (Metal Fantom) is an Attack-type Beyblade from the HMS series of old school Beyblades. It evolves from Dragoon MSUV and is the last form of the Dragoon Beyblades.

Bit Protector (BP): Dragoon Emblem

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