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150px-DragoonMS (1).jpg
Dragoon-Metal Storm
Release Date(s)
Japan: September 2003
Product Details
Product Number: A-126
Type: Attack
Parts Information
Bit Protector: Dragoon Emblem
Attack Ring: Metal Attacker
Weight Disk: Circle Wide
Spinning Core: {{{spinningcore}}}
Fictional Information
Owner: Tyson Granger
Anime debut: Yes
Manga debut: Beyblade Vol. 12, Chapter 2:
Get Beyond the Steel Wall!!

The A-126 Dragoon-Metal Storm is an Attack-type Beyblade of the Hard Metal System line. This Beyblade was introduced in the finale of Beyblade G-Revolution in the original Japanese dub, and featured in the volume 12 of the manga series as Tyson's main Bey until it upgraded to Dragoon-MS: Ultimate Version in the anime's finale and chapter 2 of the manga's 13th volume.

Bit Protector: Dragoon Emblem

The Bit Protector is constructed entirely of white ABS caul plastic and comes complete with two sticker decor options:

  • Dragoon Emblem: A circular sticker featuring a stylized tattoo of Dragoon's head with the words "DRAGOON" and "Beyblade Metal System" (in smaller font) italicized in white beneath it, sitting against a blue background.
  • Dragoon: A circular sticker featuring a dynamic, full-colored rendition of the Bit-Beast, Dragoon against a yellow background.

Attack Ring: Metal Attacker

Attack: ★★★★ Defense: ★★ Endurance: Weight: 14g

Weight Disk: Circle Wide

Attack: Defense: Endurance: ★★★ Weight: 14g

Circle Wide is part of the Wide series of Weight Disks and as it's name states, it is wide and shaped like a circle. It is quite smooth, resulting in a perfect circle. As with all Wide Weight Disks, Circle Wide focuses it's weight to the outside. Circle Wide mainly has use in Attack, Endurance, and Zombie customizations, and along with Ten Wide, they are mostly used due to being the heaviest of all Wide Weight Disks, with 14 grams in weight.

Rotation Core: Grip Flat Core

Attack: ★★★ Defense: Endurance: Weight: 1g

Grip Flat Core was the second Attack-type RC to be released, with Gaia Dragoon MS's Flat Core being the first. However, there is no comparison: Grip Flat Core is better in every imaginable sense.

Grip Flat Core is made of a very soft rubber, and its tip has a diameter of approximately 4mm. Approximately 2mm from the base of the tip is a rubber base that can be angled to hit the Tornado Ridge of the stadium. Doing this will cause the Beyblade to grip onto the stadium with more friction than usual and it will move very quickly.

Another advantage is Grip Flat Core's height. Along with Dragoon MS UV's Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode), it is the shortest RC available. This makes it perfect for Upper Attack. Another attribute it shares with Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode) is its weight; only 1 gram, the lightest of any RC. This attributes even more to its movement speed. To this day, Grip Flat Core remains one of the top-tier Attack-type RCs.




DragoonMs Scan .jpg





Dragoon MS was one of the first HMS Beyblades to be released and its RC continues to outshine most others to this day. Its RC is a must-have for any Blader to succeed against the strongest Beyblade of HMS, Wolborg MS. Every Blader should own multiples of this Beyblade.

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