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Dranzer Auto Change Balancer (ドランザー オートチェンジバランサー Dranzer Auto Change Balancer) is a Spin Gear System Beyblade, released on March 2000. It is succeeded by Dranzer S.

Bit Chip (BC): Dranzer[]

The chip depicts Dranzer.

Attack Ring : Wing Cutter[]

The Wing Cutter AR's main feature is the 4 wings that protrude from the main AR. Unfortunately due to the length of the wings, its not useful in the current meta due to it being shorter than the current weight disks and revealing the metal underneath.

Weight Disk (WD): Balance[]

The Weight Disk is a hexagonal shaped disk with balanced edges, hence its name. The disk itself is very small, barely being shorter than the Wing Cutter AR. Due to this being one of the lightest disks yet, there is little to no reason to use this competitively.

Blade Base (BB): Auto Change Base[]

The Blade Base is the first, that can have two modes, that is Attack Mode and Stamina Mode which is then followed by most of the Dranzer series. The multiple change of mode is then become the signature of the early Dranzer from the first season up to V-Force season.


Dranzer Auto Change Balancer - Original Version[]