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Dranzer G is a Balance Type Beyblade released under the Engine Gear System. This Beyblade is the fifth entry in the "Dranzer" series following the A-81 Dranzer V2. It features a Type 3 Engine Gear System which equips a Right-Spin Engine Gear with a Hit Release Blade Base for an immediate short-term, speed burst when the Clutch Levers are released when the top collides with a wall or another Beyblade top.

This Beyblade was featured in the "Beyblade: G-Revolution" anime, the "Beyblade" manga and various video games as the signature Bey for character Kai Hiwatari before he upgraded to a more advanced model.

Bit Chip (BC): Dranzer (G Version)

The chip depicts Dranzer.

Attack Ring (AR): Wing Survivor

Weight Disk (WD): Ten Balance

  • Weight: 15 Grams

Spin Gear (SG): Right EG (Metal Semi-Flat)

Blade Base (BB): Hit Release (Dranzer Version)

The four squares on the side of this blade base closely resemble that of the support parts of Dranzer V2.


  • Hasbro Red Sparkly version
  • Takara Tournament prizes


SonoKong Version



  • Hasbro's 2005 red release swaps the stock Metal Semi-Flat tip with a Customize Engine Weight (CEW) version of Metal Semi-Flat, which was first used on Dranzer GT.