HMS Random Booster


Dranzer MF was released as the prize of the HMS Random Booster 4. It was released in blue and red. The red version is rarer than the blue although both are considerably hard to find. The Blue version has a winged CWD (Customise Weight Disk) while the red version has the same one as in RB5.


Dranzer MF was released in two colours in HMS Random Booster 5. These were Black and Yellow. These two featured a different CWD (Customise Weight Disk) to the ones in RB4 and featured a Reverse Defencer CWD which is top tier for stamina combos.



  • This Beyblade only appeared in the manga and is the last Dranzer Beyblade of the original series. It is the evolution of Dranzer MS and the second Dranzer HMS Beyblade. Along with Dragoon MF this Beyblade was only released by Takara and never by Hasbro. This is probably because the anime series has ended by this time and the Beyblade was unreleased as were all other HMS Beyblade and the series only featured the Beyblades owned by the five main characters which were released at this point.

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