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Dranzer Spiral Spread Liner is a Balance Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Elite Warrior 4 Pack.

Energy Layer - Dranzer Spiral

Main article: Energy Layer - Dranzer Spiral
Dranzer Spiral is an adaptation of the Double Wing Attack Ring and Dranzer Bit Chip from the original Plastic Generation meant for the Burst System. As such it features an overall elliptical shape with two bird heads and wings on either side which act as the main points of contact creating an aggressive, recoil heavy shape and an image of the Bit Beast Dranzer in the center. The only differences between the Energy Layer and the original Attack Ring is that the Layer is much thicker overall, the wings are more compact making the Layer somewhat smaller and the Bit Chip is non-removable. Dranzer Spiral features teeth comparable to those on Nova Neptune, however this leads to the downfall of this Energy Layer.

Similarly to Storm Spriggan, the teeth of Dranzer Spiral are unable to withstand the recoil that comes with the aggressive shape causing it to Self-Burst very easily.

Forge Disc - Spread

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Spread is a completely circular Forge Disc, featuring a smooth perimeter and underside only interrupted by four small bumps located beneath the prongs, as well as several stylized blade designs on top. As with all Forge Discs, the letter representing the Forge Disc, in this case, S, is present on top of the prongs that fit into the Energy Layer. Spread has a significant amount of Outward Weight Distribution, and a relatively thin and aerodynamic shape, making it a viable choice for Stamina Combinations. Depending on which Performance Tip is used, Spread can also provide the combo with some Life After Death as it will roll along the stadium floor and give the Combination a few extra rotations after falling over, which can be crucial for Out Spinning an opponent. 

For some time after its release, Spread was very useful in Stamina Combinations due to its weight distribution and its fair weight. However, as Bladers now have a wider array of competitively viable Forge Discs to choose from, Spread has fallen out of use compared to options such as Gravity and Knuckle.

Performance Tip - Liner

Main article: Performance Tip - Liner
Liner features a plastic wheel on an axis through the middle so it can roll. Although it is meant to spin, because it is perpendicular with the stadium floor, it doesn't spin naturally like Gyro or Revolve. Rather, it remains stationary when stable but has an erratic pattern when hit. This lends into its gimmick, counter attacking by rapidly returning to the center, though this effect is through the shape of the tip and not through the rolling of the wheel. This same shape also leads to poor Balance and poor Stamina in turn.



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