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Dranzer V2 (ドランザーV2, Doranzā V2) is a Balance Type Beyblade released by Takara and Hasbro as part of the Magnacore System. It was released in Japan in October 2002.

It is the successor to Dranzer V and later is upgraded into Dranzer G. Dranzer V2 was featured in the "Beyblade: V-Force" TV series and manga, and is owned by Kai Hiwatari.

Bit Chip - Dranzer[]

Main article: Bit Chip - Dranzer

This Bit Chip depicts Dranzer. The code on the Japanese version is for unlocking the bit in Beyblade Fighting Tournament.

Attack Ring - Cross Dranzer[]

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The AR of Dranzer V2 is completely symmetrical. It was designed in the shape of an oval with two wings in the shape of short right triangles and the letter 'V' incorporated between them on both sides of the AR. The two wings slope away from each other, and these slopes give the AR some Upper Attack. However, unlike the long slopes of Master Dragoon's AR, Upper Dragoon, Cross Dranzer's aforementioned slopes are quite short in comparison, decreasing its ability to lift the opposing Beyblade as effectively.

Weight Disk - Ten Balance[]

Main article: Weight Disk - Ten Balance

As the name suggests, Ten Balance is a ten-sided Weight Disk with a decent weight and performance. Due to the balanced weight distribution, Ten Balance has decent Stamina. It is outclassed by the heavier Ten Heavy Weight Disk.

Spin Gear - Neo Right SG (MW Core)[]

Main article: Spin Gear - Neo Right SG (MW Core)

The Neo Right SG (MW Core) is a right-spin Spin Gear that uses Metal Weight Core. It is lighter than Magnecore NEO Spin Gears released in the same period, and thus outclassed. It can however be used in Attack combinations.

Support Parts - Cross Survivor[]

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Cross Survivor is a circular SP. It distributes the Beyblade's weight outwards to increase stamina. Its main use is in Attack combinations.

Blade Base - Customize Clutch Base[]

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Customize Clutch Base has a tip changing gimmick that automatically enacts in battle. It has a sharp tip that is exposed when first launched, and that retracts when the RPM's meet an unspecified threshold. When the sharp tip retracts, the Beyblade leaves Survival Mode and enters Attack Mode, moving fairly quickly in a flower pattern. Every Customize Clutch Base is unique in when it's tip retracts, though one can manipulate the clutch through choice of Weight Disk and Spin Gear.


  • Fukobako 2002 (Red)
  • RC Version (49 mHz)



Dranzer V2 - Takara[]

Dranzer V2 - Hasbro[]

Driger V2 - Hyper Red Version (Fukubako Box 2003)[]