The Dread Tower, known as Dead Grand (デッドグラン, Deddo Guran) in Japan, is a location owned by Hyde in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Turbo.


The Dread Tower is a citadel located in what looks to be the heart of a barren wasteland, shrouded in darkness by a cloudy sky. It is modeled after Hyde's Turbo Beyblade, Dread Hades, enforced by the "crown" on the top of the citadel, and the narrow entrance that resembles the face of Dread Hades.

The Dread Tower's exterior has a web-like motif along its walls, while the top of said walls sports numerous torches mostly lining the edge of the citadel's outdoor locations, such as lone Beystadiums where some of the more notable battles of the Dread Tower Arc took place.

While the entirety of the Dread Tower's interior is never shown, a few notable landmarks are seen.

Notable Landmarks

  • Hyde's Throne Room: A small room with a throne in the middle, and a wide-screen television placed on the wall, facing towards the throne itself.
  • Solar Stadium: Sitting in the middle of a wide cylinder room is the Solar Stadium. Like the Mugen Stadium from Beyblade Burst Evolution, the Solar Stadium is a Dual Mugen Stadium where Left Apollos and Right Artemis were initially kept. In the episode, Trapped in the Dread Tower!, the room's ceiling is designed to slowly move downwards to crush anyone who was unable to Burst Left Apollos and Right Artemis in time.
  • Evel's Laboratory: Inside the Dread Tower is a laboratory where Evel Oxford conducts his research. It contains numerous electronics, such as a wide-screen television displaying various unnamed stats that are always in flux. Additionally, the laboratory contains a Beystadium where Ranjiro and Aiger faced off against Evel's Turbo Beyblade, Orb Engaard. In the anime, Evel's laboratory is alluded to be the location where Engaard and Dread Phoenix were created respectively.
  • Dread Tower Arena: An arena similar to the central design of the Neo Bey Arena, albeit themed around the design of the Dread Tower. It holds major relevance in the Dread Tower Arc.


  • Hyde invited Aiger Akabane to his citadel in Beyblade Burst Turbo - Episode 30 to help him get stronger.
  • The Dread Tower was passed down to Hyde by his and Phi's father, further enforced by him telling Phi that he owns the place.





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