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Driger V is an Hasbro BB type icon attack Attack Type Beyblade released under the Magnacore System. This Beyblade is the third Beyblade in the Driger series following the A-24 Driger F. The Driger V is also the first Beyblade designed with an Attack Ring for All-Purpose Attacks and a Blade Base featuring a flat metal tip.

This Beyblade was featured in the "Beyblade: V-Force" anime - Driger Five in the English Dub - the "Beyblade" manga and various video games as the signature Bey for character Ray Kon before he upgraded to a more advanced model.

Attack Ring (AR): Sonic Tiger

Weight Disk (WD): 10-Balance

  • Weight: 15 grams

Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (South Core version)

Blade Base (BB): SG Metal Flat Base

The tip is magnetic and has a negative charge; combined with the South Spin Gear, it repels the stadiums' magnets. The Takara and Hasbro version is different in that the Takara has a Semi-Flat tip while Hasbro's was released with a sharp tip. Hasbro corrected the problem in subsequent releases. In the anime Driger V has a flat base.