I'm the toughest beyblader around. And if any of you think different, I'll prove it to you in the beystadium now!


Dunga (ドゥンガ Dunga) is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade, Beyblade: V-Force. He is a member of the Saint Shields. His Bit-Beast and Beyblade is Vortex Ape.


Dunga is a tall tan muscular young man with blonde hair and green eyes. He wears a slighty different version of the male Saint Shields uniform; his shirt is torn at the sleeve part and instead of shorts, he wears pants. He also wears a grey bandana on his head.


Dunga is the muscle of the Saint Shields. His strength is rivaled only by his temper. He uses his fury and anger during fights to provide maximum power for his beyblade. However, once he loses his mind, he can be easily defeated.

In fact, like all the other Saint Shields, he intends on stealing all the holy beasts in order to take them back to the village they grew up in. They believe only they can possess those spirits and that any other owner is unworthy of the holy beasts.



The village that he, Ozuma, Mariam and Joseph come from believe that they have to own and protect all the existing spirits.

Beyblade: V-Force

Dunga first appeared at Kai's all-boy prep school, where he attacked it, causing Kai to come out and check what the commotion was. Although Kai announced that he did not blade anymore, Dunga insisted on his mission.

When Wyatt followed Kai to his apartment, the Saint Shields member spied on the two of them and partially destroyed the room they were in. Dunga then sent a challenge note which Wyatt read first. He was disappointed when Wyatt instead of his real opponent, yet he decided to finish him anyway. This made Kai react and, after saving Wyatt from his fall off the rooftop, he faced Dunga and they tied after a fierce battle.

A few days later though, Dunga came back to challenge Kai again. He was met with his classmate instead, now owning Cyber Dranzer. Dunga battled hard but was defeated. Dunga also goes after Ray and seals his Bit-Beast, Driger, in a rock.

As soon as Ozuma made the decision that Tyson, Kai, Ray and Max were good enough to possess their Bit-Beasts, he too forgot their previous mission and instead focused on protecting them from Psykick and other enemies.

Many days and weeks have passed and the Saint Shields make it to the final rounds of the World Championships. There they hope for a revenge against the Blade Breakers. After the opening ceremony, an hour later, the opening fight between Team Zagart and the Saint Shields starts. First, Gordo and Dunga compete against each other. However, Gordo has no particular problems defeating Dunga. The second match between Ozuma and Zeo also ends in a victory for Team Zagart. Thus divide the Saint Shields in the tournament.



Beyblade: V-Force
Opponent Episode Result
Wyatt V-Force Episode 05 Win
Kai Hiwatari V-Force Episode 05 Draw
Kai Hiwatari V-Force Episode 12 No Outcome
Wyatt V-Force Episode 16 Lose
Robots (tag w/ Saint Shields) V-Force Episode 21 Win
Tyson Granger (tag w/ Saint Shields) V-Force Episode 30 Interrupted by Zeo
Ray Kon V-Force Episode 33 Win
Kai & Ray (tag w/ Joseph) V-Force Episode 38 Lose
Preliminary Blader (Offscreen) Win
King V-Force Episode 44 No Outcome
Gordo V-Force Episode 45 Lose



Ozuma is Dunga's teammate. Ozuma helps him to stay cool during a beybattle, and not lose his temper easy. They're often seen together.


Mariam is Dunga's teammate. She sometimes teased him when he gets upset about losing a beybattle. 


Joseph is Dunga's teammate. Joseph also helps him to keep his cool during a beybattle.

Kai Hitwatari

Kai is Dunga's rival.


  • How's it going, Kai?
  • Driger's ours now fair and square!
  • Nothing can stand against my enhanced Vortex Ape!
  • Do some damage, Vortex Ape!
  • We'll be back to take them away and we'll show no mercy next time!
  • I'm the toughest beyblader around. And if any of you think different, I'll prove it to you in the beystadium now!
  • You got lucky yesterday, but you won't be so lucky when it comes time for our match. I'm gonna enjoyed shredding your blade to pieces!
  • We meet again! Long time, No see!
  • I never get angry!
  • I'm Dunga. Come on, let's play. And I guaranteed that I'm gonna defeat you this time.


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  • Dunga means peace.