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This article is about the original 4D System release. For the Hasbro Hybrid Wheel System release, see Duo Ice-Titan 230WD.

Duo Uranus 230WD is a Stamina Type Beyblade that appears in the Beyblade: Metal Fury anime. It was released in the BB-121 Beyblade Ultimate DX Set on November 19, 2011 in Japan. It is owned by Herschel.

Face Bolt - Uranus

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The Face Bolt ostensibly depicts "Uranus", the Greek god of the sky. The design features a split masked face, which appears torn on the left side, revealing a skull underneath. The division of the face into two separate halves references the "duality" theme of Duo Uranus 230WD. There are six dots on the forehead, representing Uranus' first six sons and six daughters, the Titans.

Energy Ring - Uranus

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Ice-Titan is a 4D Clear Wheel designed in a spiky, vortex-like manner that accentuates the design of the Duo Fusion Wheel. Ice-Titan has two pentagonal shapes above and below its centre, and the stickers on it represent wings slightly shaped into faces, where one is more diabolical-looking with jagged feathers, and the other is more heroic-looking, with smoothly curved lines. Ice-Titan is notable for being the smallest Energy Ring released in the Metal Saga toyline, being only 36 millimeters in diameter at its widest points. Ice-Titan is also one of the lightest Energy Rings, being only 0.2 grams heavier than Gemios, the lightest Energy Ring.

Despite this, Ice-Titan finds use in some Attack Type combination due to its exposed contact points when paired with certain Fusion Wheels.

Fusion Wheel - Duo

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Duo is formed of series of spirals seemingly emitted from the centre, as if they were wind gushes, again linking back to the wind theme of the Beyblade as a whole. This 4D Metal Wheel is made up of two components: The upper half is the Metal Frame—which is the basis of the mode change—and the Core, which supports the Metal Frame, as well as denoting the mode and playing a small part therein.

Duo's gimmick relates to balance: in Stamina Mode, it is well balanced, and in Attack Mode, it is greatly off-balance. This mode change is done by rotating the Metal Frame 90 degrees clockwise, or 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Doing so, however, requires disassembly of the Beyblade.

Spin Track - 230

Track 230 img2
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230 is the tallest Spin Track released in the Metal Saga toyline. It was first released with Flame Byxis 230WD as part of the Maximum Series, and was advertised as the "Maximum Height" for Spin Tracks. 230 has six indents near the top that sharpen downwards to the middle of the Spin Track. 230 is rounder and thicker than other regular Spin Tracks with no gimmicks, in order to protect it structurally when it comes into contact with opposing Fusion Wheels. Its round and smooth shape results in significantly less recoil than if it were based on the traditional hexagonal Spin Track shape.

Since 230 is so tall, it can wobble at great lengths for extra Stamina, defeating various Stamina Type customizations with lower Tracks. From a defensive viewpoint, 230 uses its height as an advantage to protect itself from low incoming Attacks, by protecting the Fusion Wheel from major contact while using the reinforced plastic to absorb most of the shock. As a result of this, 230 can defeat most low Attack customizations under the 120 height when paired with other top-tier Defense parts.

230 also has some notable weaknesses, however. As a Defense Type Spin Track, 230 is extremely susceptible to tall Spin Track opposite spin Attack Type customizations. Additionally, 230 is outclassed by the likes of Triple Height 170 (TH170), which offers the same height and also the versatility of the height change gimmick.

Performance Tip - Wide Defense

Bottom wd img (2)
Main article: Performance Tip - Wide Defense

Wide Defense (WD) retains the two curved holes D contained but are now thinner, smaller and found on the Sharp tip.

Being wider brings advantages and disadvantages to WD. An advantage is being able to conserve better Stamina than D and SD, due to the more surface area as well as being able to spin at a lower spin-rate that that of D or SD which cannot. A disadvantage however, is that it is worse at regaining balance than D. The wide shape gives WD a harder time to regain its balance whereas, D does it much easier. This should take into consideration when using a Spin Track such as 230 or TH170. D would be a better choice than WD as it would regain balance much easier to help cope with 230. However, while D can regain balance better, it cannot maintain it as well as WD, especially with the heights of 170 and above.

At release, WD has found quick use as a Stamina-Type Tip, much better than D and has become top-tier. Despite this however, as many more Performance Tips like AS, EWD, and B:D were released; they have overshadowed WD. EWD has also overshadowed WD due to EWD's bearing to regain balance better and much better Stamina. W²D performs basically the same as WD though but with worse balance but better attack.

Wide Defense (WD) has significant defensive capabilities as well, but because it still uses a form of sharp tip, its friction with the stadium floor is decreased, which as a result makes it easier to knock around than a Tip like WB which has much more friction with the stadium floor. But since it can recover quickly, it does not matter.

Some Bladers experience a fast movement from Wide Defense, allowing the Wide Defense tip with fast movement to be paired with high-recoil fusion wheels such as Vulcan, Beat, Fang, Spiral, Flash, or Variares, to create powerful, or even a 1-Hit KO Attack-type combos, or be paired with low-recoil fusion wheels such as Bakushin, Duo, Gravity (Perseus Stamina), Fusion, Wing, Death to create counter-attacking Defense-Type combos.

Anime Appearances

Episode Notes Result
The Child of Nemesis Part 1 Debut None
The Child of Nemesis Part 2 None VS Variares D:D and Blitz Unicorno 100RSF = Cont. Next Episode
Four Hearts Part 1 None VS Flame Libra T125ES, Variares D:D. and Blitz Unicorno 100RSF = Cont. Next Episode
Four Hearts Part 2 None VS Flame Libra T125ES, Variares D:D. and Blitz Unicorno 100RSF = Loss



Takara Tomy



  • Duo Uranus has the same 230WD combo as Flame Byxis 230WD and Flash Sagittario 230WD.
  • Its owner, Herschel, is a nod to William Herschel, the one who first discovered the planet that the Beyblade represents.
  • This is the second Beyblade in which its Fusion Wheel has the appearance of layers, with the first being Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF.
  • It is the fourth Metal Fury Beyblade to have a printed Face Bolt. The first was Mercury Anubius, while the second was Beat Lynx, and the third was Jade Jupiter.
  • The imbalance created by the Duo Metal Wheel may be a reference to how the planet Uranus has a different orbit and a lopsided orientation when compared to the other planets in the Solar System.
  • This is the first Metal Fury Stamina-Type Bey where it is not needed to flip the Metal Frame or PC Frame to change its mode. The second was Flash Sagittario. They also have the same 230WD combo.
  • Duo Ice-Titan is the only Beyblade from the Ultimate DX Set that appears in the anime.
  • The "Ice-Titan" name is likely derived from Uranus' children, the Titans, and the fact that ice composes most of the planet Uranus.