Electro Soaring Wing Pegasus
Release Date(s)
Product Details
Product Code: W-23
Type: Speed
Spirit Axle: Pegasus
Spirit Shield: Pegasus
Energy Core: Electro Soaring
Attack Gear: Wing
Owner: None
First anime appearance: None

Electro Soaring Wing Pegasus is a Speed-Type BeyWheel from the BeyWheelz toyline. It is a part of the Spark FX series.

Spirit Axle: Pegasus

It has a Spirit Axle which depicts a Pegasus facing left with its head down and its right wing raised. Also, the head's seen with hair traveling down to its neck, with a pointed ear. Outlined in black, the whole face is Spark FX.

Spirit Shield: Pegasus

Its Spirit Shield is two-sided with a stylized, skinny wing of a Pegasus and jagged red spikes on them. The wing is Orange and Black highlight and the spikes are also Orange. Also if up press the Spirit Shield it will light up according to Hasbro.

Energy Core: Electro Soaring

Its Energy Core is blue and lights up but still same parts from the original soaring wing pegasus and made up of many points, edges, and cuts; probably to represent battle scars. The core's interior also harbors an eccentric design, with many circles, gaps, and three wings.

Attack Gear: Wing Pegasus uses it as to fly with electro tornado winding down like Shining wind


Special Move(s): Electro Tornado Wing Dive Ski Walk

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